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After many months of work, we are pleased to announce that you can now pre-order your copy of Soulful Encounters.

Mags“I am delighted to register my Congratulations to Magdalene Cooman on the 2nd Edition of Mags E-Magazine titled ‘Soulful Encounters.’

This edition of Mags Magazine presents bold, deep, engaging content which covers the inner personal dimensions of life with which most if not every person can identify.  The motivational content is written in a manner that is candid

This publication “Soulful Encounters” by Magdalene Cooman makes delightful and thought-provoking reading from which everyone can benefit. I recommend Mags Magazine as a good investment not for the shelf but as a motivator for achieving self- fulfilment.”
Celene A. Gyles (Dr)

Former Dean – Graduate School of Education, Mico University College Adjunct Faculty


“I’ve enjoyed reading your articles thoroughly and have been transported to a different place for the last few hours! Thank you for that experience. I’m not sure which article I enjoyed reading the most as they are all so full and expansive for me, but possibly the one on your mother. I hold my own mother dearly and often reflect on her journey to Canada years ago. Mags Magazine is fantastic! I was engrossed in the content and your story telling.  Thank you for sharing with me and sharing your soul and stories with others.”

Laura Traplin

Medium and Psychic, Ottawa

Mags Cover Page

“It is an inspiring and motivational publication with down-to-earth practical words of wisdom for the young and not so young. It is written in a style which can capture the minds and hearts of its readers with meaningful examples of real life situations which we can all relate to, for it encompasses life’s many experiences related to our different environments and circumstances. “Live Your Future Now” is a wakeup call for all of us, for life is short and we must take full advantage of the many avenues available to us to master our surroundings and take advantage of our inner powers to succeed regardless of our place of birth, circumstances of the environment in which we are nurtured and our past and present challenges. The author takes us through her many vicissitudes and challenges in her life and points out that through determination, hard work, discipline, belief in self, and setting goals she was able to overcome many obstacles. She also calls on us to reach out and offer help to others, not the selfish and self-centered living so typical in our world of today.
I recommend this publication to readers all over our globe for we are all faced with the challenges espoused by Magdalene Cooman form different perspectives but fundamentally rooted in living a life in full now for a future tomorrow.”

Ambassador (Ret.) Dr. Joseph Edsel Edmunds, OBE, The Edmunds Group International (TEG),CRPC Senior Associate

“You have such variety, which supports the entertainment factor. Your reader can start at the top and just keep going for hours in the world you have created. Perfect!”

Dominique Dennery, Career Potential Coach. Group Potential Facilitator. Ottawa

“I read through your magazine and Wow!! Pure talent!! From your write-ups to your graphics and lay-out and most of all the sharing of your life experiences and your beautiful message about soul mission” Lisa Anna Palmer, Principal & Owner, Cattelan Palmer Consulting, Ottawa


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Six Leadership Tips To Manage Covid-19

Congratulations to my friend Lisa Anna Palmer for publishing her beautiful and well-written book, ‘Light a Fire In their Heart – The Truth About Leadership. It is a great read and has shared nuggets of wisdom from over 30 leaders! This book is particularly important now as COVID-19 is demanding that all of us step up as leaders to manage ourselves and those around in an effort to win this battle.

In this video, I have provided six leadership tips from ‘Light a Fire in Their Hearts’ to inspire you to take action and to grow your leadership skills.

Leadership tips for managing COVID-19.

You can pre-order your copy here:

Light a Fire in Their Hearts

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How Are You Coping Working From Home?

“What happened to you Magdalene? You look so fresh today!” These were the words of one of my colleagues as we held a zoom meeting on the 2nd week of working from home. It was nice that she noticed because I started my 2nd week of working from home with the mindset that I will practice self-care, apply my make-up and dress up as though I was going to the office. This happened because the week before that, I was so busy trying to figure out how to work through new technologies that I barely had the time to comb my hair properly. By the end of the first week, I was exhausted and determined not to repeat the same error during the 2nd week.

However, even though the 2nd week started with a bang and that I did maintain a better routine, I was exhausted again at the end of the week. It was not only me – when I looked at all the faces on our zoom huddle, I thought that everyone looked like me ‘ a bit exhausted!’ Although I have worked from home sporadically over the last couple of years, I would have never imagined that working from home fulltime could leave me feeling so estranged. I can tell you that I have worked harder online than when I am at the office and we have achieved quite a lot within a short period of time. Now I am thinking that pushing ourselves with a new learning curve could be contributing to the exhaustion which we are feeling. Not only that but we are trying to focus while also listening to the devastating news of COVID-19 and also managing our families while working at home!

Under normal circumstances, I am often a bit disorganized and double book myself quite a lot. Nowadays, I am guilty of leaving one online conversation for another and sometimes leaving a conversation unfinished or getting notifications from Zoom that ‘I cannot enter another meeting because I am currently in a meeting.” Working from home seem to look easy on the outside but it needs to be managed. We can buy into the fantasy that we could do more since we are at home but it is important to weigh the pros and cons. Now I have so much more appreciation for my rushed ride to the office in the morning. As rushed as it often is, I miss the familiarity of it and I even miss the traffic! I miss that ‘thinking time’ on the drive to work as much as I miss the idle chats and little stories which are shared from the time I open the door of the office until I leave in the late evening. I miss hearing footsteps and knocks on my office door and the unexpected things which would come about in the day. I miss having the options of choosing where to go, what to eat (apart from my own cooking) or what to do after work!

I know for sure that the social connections with other human beings is important to me and I also get energized by the physical interaction with people.

As I work from home, I realize that being online constantly can be exhausting. My goals this week are to pace myself better, give myself more breaks and manage my online interactions so that I don’t feel guilty for leaving others in the middle of a Facebook or LinkedIn conversation because there is another zoom meeting. I want to practice better self-care and get into a routine which is supporting this new lifestyle. This means learning when to say ‘no’ and when to say ‘yes’ to the many opportunities which has sprung online. I must remember that there are still 24 hours in a day and I am in charge of how I chose to spend these 24 hours.

Today, I also found myself gently inviting my spirit to bring forth memories that will make me feel better as I think about the future. My garden came to mind and I cannot wait to start digging the earth and become immersed in all the abundance of energy that it will give to me. Thank goodness that Spring is here and that the sunshine will be warmer and the evening light will stay on longer. I know that by keeping my mind in a positive future state is one way that I can get through COVID-19 by following the rules of physical distancing and staying home.

What has been your experience of working from home? Please share so that we can all learn now to cope with this new normal!



We Are Champions In This Fight

I like to imagine the future.

Tonight, I am holding the vision that we will be champions in this fight against the coronavirus.

We are not being asked to go to war.

We are not being asked to donate money.

We are being asked to STAY HOME. If all of us did just that – we will solve this global crisis faster.

I am imagining the immediate future where all of us will take action and stay home.

I am imagining the long term future where we will win the fight and we will regain our freedom to be outdoors.


Watch my short video – STAY HOME.



Is the Earth Breathing Better?

I can’t help but think that everything between the earth and the sky is breathing better – right now. Breathing – just breathing.

COVID-19 is causing havoc in human lungs and somehow I can’t help but feel that is what we have been doing to our environment for decades. Of course, we can’t possibly imagine what the river feels when it is dried or the bears feel when they are hungry or what the turtles and sea creatures feel when strangled in the garbage thrown by humans in the water that sustains them. I like to use the analogy that life is like a GPS and when we go off route, the GPS has a way of re-routing. We can take a longer or shorter time to get to our destinations with alternative views – but eventually we will get there. The truth of the matter is that all life is connected and when one part is off-balanced, we are sure to experience an imbalance in another part. Nothing in this life goes unnoticed and when we least expect it, the universe speaks.

I feel the pain of every human being and their loved ones who are in the crutches of this gruesome virus. I feel the pain of people who did not have a chance to say goodbye or put their affairs in order. This feels like madness. In my own little world, I am controlling the pieces which I can control to help disrupt COVID-19. It means staying home, keeping groceries in the garage for days before using them, disinfecting, social distancing, working online as much as I can and even reducing our food consumption.

There are lessons for all of us in this madness.

Maybe we need to restructure our world to have less emissions out into the environment? If we can stay home and keep our cars and planes from the air – maybe our planet will regain its balance.

Maybe we need to have more balance in our work lives to have real time for our families and what truly matters to us? We are burnt out and in a crisis like this, we see that even when we are working so hard, many of us cannot support ourselves without an income for a month. What is the point of all this work?

Maybe we need to re-evaluate the value of money in our lives?

Maybe businesses need to re-evaluate their business models and how they are contributing to burnout and environmental pollution?

Maybe our priorities need to change?

Maybe we need to think more carefully of the future which we are creating one action at a time?

Maybe we need to re-look at sustainable agriculture and how communities can support themselves? Food security is rising as a major concern for the future?

Maybe we need to think of our older generation and the privileges which all of them should have at a certain age?

Do share your thoughts on this issue. What changes do you think we should make for a sustainable future?

Remember to play your part. STAY HOME and PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING.



What Is Your Essence?

I am going to bed tonight wondering what Spring and Summer will be like. One of our favourite things during these two precious seasons is taking long road trips. Going through my FB memories tonight I came across this post and photo from last year. I thought I would share it because it is even more relevant to our lives right now. Regardless of what is happening in the world, the most precious gift which you can give to yourself, is to live your essence.

March 23, 2019

Long road trips give me time to think, reflect and humor myself with so many great ideas that may take more than one lifetime to accomplish. Today, I found myself thinking of the word ‘essence’ while driving.

What is the essence of my being?

What is the essence of life?

What is your essence?

And in the middle of this thought provoking question, three words jumped at me:

Limitless. Ageless. Timeless.

The words hit my cerebral space so hard that I had to pull to the side of the road for a few minutes to allow my body to connect with my mind and soul. Yes, I want to be limitless in this life…to be bold enough to be the person God made me to be. Yes, I am ageless…still this girl who embraces life and is as crazy as her 16 year old self. Yes, my essence is timeless… my soul is eternal.

This photo marks this priceless, soulful moment…and reaffirms that what we seek, seeks us. As I reflect on all what I have done in the last year, I know that I have been living my essence.

What is your essence?

How do you represent your essence in this world?



Breaking News – Are You Getting Out Of Here Alive?

My breaking news to you this morning… none of us are leaving this earth alive – now or a day later or 50 years later.  The coronavirus is creating havoc but also creating opportunities for us to examine what is important in our lives. Our forefathers were called to fight wars for the freedoms which we have today and in the process, many lost their lives, some became amputates and many of them learnt to live with traumatic memories.  Some returned to their loved ones in a different state than when they left. After WW11, women who had been traditional housewives become empowered to become nurses and to serve their countries in a variety of roles which the new frontier provided. Through the turmoil of wars, new opportunities were created and proved that we are more capable than we think we are. Each wave of crisis helps us to expand ourselves and the global village which we inhabitants of.

I know for certain that none of us are getting out of here alive so let us stop complaining and whining about irrelevant stuff which is not helping anyone in the creating a safe and stable situation while we are still here. There are new rules and systems to follow. We are starting a NEW NORMAL and it is important for us to be excellent followers during this crisis.  Our ability to practice self-leadership becomes critical because each decision we make and each action we take can have beneficial or detrimental effects on someone else.

As we navigate through times which we were not prepared for, here are a few things which we can think about as we sit on our couch (which is what we are being asked to do!). Do your best to enjoy your numbered days left.

It is time to read the books which you have been putting off?

It is time to start Spring cleaning? 

Can you learn some new skills to step into a new position when this is all over?

Who do you need to reach out to?

What new hobbies can you start? yoga? sewing? writing? meditation?

Is now the opportunity to organize your assets and financial affairs?

Look out for more information from MagsMagazine as we organize online events and speakers over the next few weeks to help us take action to live our dreams and manage this situation while we are still here.

Remember that all the physical stuff we own will stay behind.  What we move forward with are the lessons and journeys of our soul; the good and bad which we created in this world… You have the power to choose the legacy which you want to live behind!   Make it a great one!

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Kenny Rogers. I believe that our souls connect long before the physical manifestations

I woke up this morning saddened by the news of Kenny Roger’s passing. My sincere condolences to his family and all of his fans. As a fan of Kenny Rogers since my teenage years, I know that I will miss his physical presence here and I feel very fortunate that I was able to be a part of his live audience during his Farewell Tour in Ottawa in June 2017.

How I got to Kenny Rogers Farewell Tour is a little bit of a miracle, magic and manifestation – a series of events which the universe seem to conspire to make it all happen! Here is the story – more evidence of how we are all connected in ways that we perhaps cannot even begin to imagine. I believe that our souls make the connections long before the manifestations in our lives.

In 2017, Wilson Jn Baptiste and I were celebrating my birthday @ the Nordic Spa and we were listening to jazz music by a band with Jordan David. During the performance, Wilson asked them to do a special rendition for me. Jordan David, who I believe was promoting or managing the band or promoting the Jazz Festival in Ottawa (cannot remember) came to me to wish me happy birthday, gave us his card and asked us to call him if we wanted to go to any show during the jazz festival in Ottawa. I did not make much of it and completely forgot about the card. Later that summer, I found out that Kenny Rogers was playing during the jazz festival but the tickets were also expensive. I remember posting on FB asking if anyone had tickets to give away. I had no idea that my tickets were right in my bag!

The night before the concert, I suddenly remembered that Jordon had given me his business card with the promise of a pass to the Jazz festival. It was almost midnight. I sent Jordan an email – praying that he would see it in the morning. I knew that he was also busy with the jazz festival so the chances of seeing email would be almost impossible. But you know what – I got a response right away and he made arrangements for us to see the show! The show will remain etched in my memory forever! We sat under the stars that night with hundreds of others from Ottawa and enjoyed every moment with Kenny Rogers.

Here is a little recording which I did that night: Kenny Rogers Farewell Tour, Ottawa

You will be missed dear Kenny Rogers! Rest in peace and let your spirit continue to shine on us.

Thank you Jordan David and Wilson Jn Baptiste. This was one of the best birthday gifts ever. It was so strange how the series of somehow unconnected events all came together – but in our grand universe – all things are connected.

Embrace your longings. Trust that your soul has made the connections long before the manifestations.

Be well.



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