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After many months of work, we are pleased to announce that you can now pre-order your copy of Soulful Encounters.

Mags“I am delighted to register my Congratulations to Magdalene Cooman on the 2nd Edition of Mags E-Magazine titled ‘Soulful Encounters.’

This edition of Mags Magazine presents bold, deep, engaging content which covers the inner personal dimensions of life with which most if not every person can identify.  The motivational content is written in a manner that is candid

This publication “Soulful Encounters” by Magdalene Cooman makes delightful and thought-provoking reading from which everyone can benefit. I recommend Mags Magazine as a good investment not for the shelf but as a motivator for achieving self- fulfilment.”
Celene A. Gyles (Dr)

Former Dean – Graduate School of Education, Mico University College Adjunct Faculty


“I’ve enjoyed reading your articles thoroughly and have been transported to a different place for the last few hours! Thank you for that experience. I’m not sure which article I enjoyed reading the most as they are all so full and expansive for me, but possibly the one on your mother. I hold my own mother dearly and often reflect on her journey to Canada years ago. Mags Magazine is fantastic! I was engrossed in the content and your story telling.  Thank you for sharing with me and sharing your soul and stories with others.”

Laura Traplin

Medium and Psychic, Ottawa

Mags Cover Page

“It is an inspiring and motivational publication with down-to-earth practical words of wisdom for the young and not so young. It is written in a style which can capture the minds and hearts of its readers with meaningful examples of real life situations which we can all relate to, for it encompasses life’s many experiences related to our different environments and circumstances. “Live Your Future Now” is a wakeup call for all of us, for life is short and we must take full advantage of the many avenues available to us to master our surroundings and take advantage of our inner powers to succeed regardless of our place of birth, circumstances of the environment in which we are nurtured and our past and present challenges. The author takes us through her many vicissitudes and challenges in her life and points out that through determination, hard work, discipline, belief in self, and setting goals she was able to overcome many obstacles. She also calls on us to reach out and offer help to others, not the selfish and self-centered living so typical in our world of today.
I recommend this publication to readers all over our globe for we are all faced with the challenges espoused by Magdalene Cooman form different perspectives but fundamentally rooted in living a life in full now for a future tomorrow.”

Ambassador (Ret.) Dr. Joseph Edsel Edmunds, OBE, The Edmunds Group International (TEG),CRPC Senior Associate

“You have such variety, which supports the entertainment factor. Your reader can start at the top and just keep going for hours in the world you have created. Perfect!”

Dominique Dennery, Career Potential Coach. Group Potential Facilitator. Ottawa

“I read through your magazine and Wow!! Pure talent!! From your write-ups to your graphics and lay-out and most of all the sharing of your life experiences and your beautiful message about soul mission” Lisa Anna Palmer, Principal & Owner, Cattelan Palmer Consulting, Ottawa


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Wishing you a Happy Family Day – thinking specially of Immigrant Families

Several years ago when Family Day was introduced as a holiday in Ontario, I remember thinking, ‘hummmm… everyday should be family day.’ At that time, my immediate family (3 kids and myself) was small and we spent quite a lot of time together with the everyday routines of cooking, doing chores, homework, shopping etc. One of the routines which I have always maintained at home is having meals together. When the kids were younger, this was easier to do on a regular basis. Now, it is more challenging. Holidays like Family Day adds a special day on the calendar which helps us to pause and creates another opportunity of getting together.

As a immigrant, it is inevitable that we lose connection with some of our family members. This is perhaps one of the saddest parts of immigration. The next saddest part is that children miss out on the dynamics of extended family, if they migrate only with their parents. Parents also face low moments when they wish they were nearer to their siblings, extended family and in particular parents if left behind. It is therefore important that we build ways to preserve our family roots.

During our Sunday dinner last night, I explained some of our family roots to my children and after dinner, two of them continued the conversation for another two hours because they were intrigued by some of what I shared and wanted to know more. I have taken care to be particular about what I share, based on their age. After relating a particular story about how our family lost some of it’s inheritance over some of the deals which my dad made while he was drunk, my oldest son said, “Now this example, right here, is why I don’t want to drink to do stupid things like this.”

As I shared more with them, I became very nostalgic about some of my childhood memories. For example when my cousins came over to visit from the neighbouring towns and the fun we had playing together while our parents also enjoyed having their own adult conversations. I remember moonlight nights when we played hide-and-seek outside, running amongst the trees, behind the houses and scaring each other. I remember how two or three of our families would gather together over the summer holidays and take us all to the beach where the men in the family went out to collect sea urchins while the women cooked on fire pits and the children played on the sand. There were the days over the summer holidays when several family members went over to one home to build a new room or lay a roof over a house. Food was constantly exchanged, conversations were long and ongoing, quarrels were occasionally heard, the men drank rum and even though their wives got upset with them, they carried on with the business of the home.

Back then, when I think of the word ‘family’ it seemed encompass so many other people in addition to my immediate family of two parents and six children. These people who were all intermingled in our lives in an intimate way – there were uncles and aunts, cousins, grandparents, in-laws, in-laws of in-laws. godmothers and godfathers and neighbours who were not only those who lived next to you, but from the entire community. There were those who lived in the countryside where we lived and those who ivied in the city and those who lived in faraway lands like England who visited occasionally. When they did visit, there was a lot of fuss about preparing for them. They seemed to be more sophisticated than us.:) But most importantly, we all seemed to fell belonged to a tribe – we knew who we were. The sense of belonging to a big family was perhaps one of the most grounding forces of my young life.

As an immigrant mother, I know that my children have had great opportunities here in Canada and I will always be grateful to Canada and the amazing people I have met here. I know that I have wonderful friends who have embraced them us our family and this has helped in the integration process. Travelling back and forth can be costly but I encourage my children to go back to their homeland as much as possible to connect with their family. My daughter has been routinely making the trip home every summer and I can see how an understanding of her roots is shaping her young adult life. I can also see how those who don’t go back often enough, life myself now, is also losing connection.

Living in both worlds has advantages and disadvantages but here are a few things which you can do to keep your family memories alive in the minds of your family:

1) Work with family members to create a family tree with photographs of family members. Keep photos of those who may not be here in Canada or may have crossed over. Over time, their curious minds want to know more about their history and photographs are great to start a conversation.

Genealogical tree of your family. Family tree with icons of people.

2) Create moments over days like Family Day when you can share stories about members of your family. Stories do not always have to be about perfect people – because most of our family members are not :). Share realities of life from your part of the world and the experiences which helped to shape you. Let them know the names of those who were influential in your life – in making both good and bad decisions. There are also funny family stories and sad stories which can be shared based on the age of the kids.

3) Expose them to very special foods and traditions from your family roots. When my kids were younger, I remember that they were not too eager about our foods but over time they because very appreciative about foods which my mom and dad prepared. Now, they are keeping the traditions going.

4) If you cannot travel back to your home country often, create moments when they can talk to family members over skype and other social media platforms. When they are small, they may not take much interest but as they get older, hey may be able to establish better connections. My friend Aparna shared her experience with her mom who lives in India, calling her grandkids every night to read them bedtime stories. This is surely a beautiful way to keep the connection to family.

5) Create new family through work and friends. Expose your children to the children of friends and create opportunities for them to meet and play with each other. Family does not have to be only through blood. Creating a family environment support social integration and removes the feeling of isolation.

Keeping family together is of utmost priority. I have learnt that gathering togehter for meals is perhaps the best way for long conversations that can create the bridge between countries and unite families.

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Do all things with great love

The most memorable moments in my career and personal life are the times when I have done things with great love in my heart. When I am in that state, I can achieve the impossible. I have fond memories of working in elementary school classrooms and special education classes where my love for each student poured so deeply over them that I saw their transformations from being labeled as ‘unable’ to thriving and succeeding. In my work, I pour love and blessings upon everyone that I meet physically and energetically and I reap the benefits of having staff and partners who are responsive and passionate about their work and we always create magic in what we do. I believe that if we can connect through a loving energy, then our relationships will overcome natural obstacles and thrive. It is no different with my children, partner and even my plants at home. Recently, it has also been with my son’s dog Maggie who pours love all over me with her kisses.

Love is a powerful, positive emotion which can lift us from darkness and place us in the centre of a light so bright, that we radiate from inside out. Best of all, we don’t need words to express it – is can simply be felt.

As we observe Valentine’s Day tomorrow, I feel the urge to boost the message of ‘doing things with great love’. We live in a time and space where we are bombarded with many diverse messages about love. At one end of the spectrum there are people who are happily in love and will celebrate Valentine’s Day with deep tenderness. At the other end of the spectrum there are people who feel sad for various reasons – perhaps being single or being in an estranged relationship or what they hoped for never materialized. However, what if we all simply held on to the transformative power of love to know that regardless of our relationship status, that by simply pouring some love into what we do on a daily basis, we can energetically shift the vibrations around us to create a loving and welcoming space.

One thing that I know for sure is that when we do things with great love, love itself multiplies around us a hundred fold. It can amplify our vibration of love. It is this vibration that attracts more love to us – romantic partners, forgiveness, better relationships, opportunities and most of all an inner feeling of gratitude, contentment and peace.

Love is an energy. We can choose to live with this energy every moment.

Here is my invitation to you as we celebrate Valentine’s Day, to do all things with great love. This deliberate act will add beauty to ordinary days; bring healing to our relationships and add an extra zest in our steps. Our smiles will be more radiant, our words will be kinder and our vibration will welcome people into our space.

Affirmation for today: ” I choose love. I choose to do all things with great love.”

Here is my message from Valentine’s 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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My honeyman…

Some people have a moneyman, a handyman, a candyman.. but I have a honeyman :). This post showed up in my memories on FB and I thought you might like it too!

I feel lucky I have a honeyman. I love my honeyman. He is in his seventies and he visits me at work twice a year. He has done so for the last 5 years because I am one of his clients – I buy a jar of honey for $30. Every time he comes, we seem to repeat the same conversation.

“Honey, I have no money today.” I say to him.

“Oh.. money.. don’t worry…” he says. “Anytime, I can come back for it. For you… you don’t need money!”

And so, I buy the honey with no money (a good reason for his 2nd visit!)

Today, he came for the 2nd visit.

“Magdalene, you have such a beautiful name. Who gave you this name?” He affirms over and over again how beautiful I am, how blessed he is and how happy he is to see me again. He says that I make him feel happy because I have a joyful spirit.

He said, “I don’t have to sell this honey you know. But I like to go out. I like to meet people and talk with them. It is what keeps me going. Don’t make too much out of this life. What is most important in this life is for you to love God. You cannot love me, if you don’t love God. That is the most important thing in life – to love.”

Yes, my honeyman. You are precious. Nice to have honeyman 🙂

Be well. Be joyful. Be happy.



Great acts are made of small deeds.

I chose the cup of tea over the chocolate chip cookies. It was a hard choice to make at 9.p.m when I felt tired and hungry but the vision for my body quickly superseded my immediate hunger. I reminded myself of how beautiful I felt in my new dress which finally fitted after two weeks of workouts and managing my diet. Resisting the cookies may seem to be an insignificant matter to some people but it is a huge deal to me. I am an emotional, sweet tooth eater and several things like feeling tired, bored or anxious can easily set my trigger to indulge in sweets. Being able to manage my emotional eating habits require discipline and focus and it is easy to fail. However, overtime, I can see the results of my small deeds and this motivates me to keep up with the discipline not eating chocolate chip cookies in the late evenings. I feel proud that my vision is bigger and stronger than the chocolate chip cookie!

It is easy to become discouraged when our gains do not seem big enough to celebrate or we sabotage ourselves by not believing that we are deserving of something which we really want in our lives. It is important to remind ourselves that great acts are made of small deeds or small habits that eventually becomes a part of our thinking and acting. If you look carefully, you will find several opportunities to practice small deeds which can lead to your large gains.

Allow yourself to note the small acts which you perform daily. Feel gratitude for your small victories while you keep the large ones in your vision. Here are three small deeds or habits which you can celebrate each day:

Feel gratitude. There are so many things to be grateful for, even when life sucks sometimes. Think of the air that you breath, being alive, being given another chance, feeling love from someone, the technology which keeps you connected, having someone to support you in reaching your goals and the fact that you are reading this blog. The most important factor in gratitude is that you can FEEL it flowing through your body.

Set a small goal each day. It can be as simple as making your bed in the morning or as complex as saying hello to a stranger or as intimate as asking your partner for what you need from him/ her. Each time we accomplish something small, it inspires us to do more and even to be more! You can build an entire community around you by simply connecting with one stranger each day.

Write the biggest goal of your life in a place where it is visible to you. Spend a couple of minutes each day just looking at it and asking yourself “What can I do today to reach this goal?” By asking a small question daily, you are opening yourself to receiving answers. I like to imagine that we are all connected and that thoughts cross each other in waves. Asking questions to the universe, creates the opportunity for thoughts to cross in your favour… because somewhere out there, someone is holding the answers which you are looking for. Without asking the questions, how will you recognize the answers?

My wish for you in 2020 is that you will achieve your big goals while consciously practicing the discipline of engaging in small acts, moment by moment. Remember your greatness, your beauty and your uniqueness in this amazing universe.



Live the Christmas Spirit and be Your Own Best Present!

Imagine giving yourself your best Christmas present?

What would it be?

A day to yourself, a spa, a massage, a shopping spree? Being with family and friends? A meal by yourself? A road trip? Getting away from Christmas?

Digging a bit deeper within your soul to discover passion and purpose?

A little bit of honesty with yourself about what makes you happy, joyful, sad, anxious, bitter, angry?

Here’s wishing you a wonderful holiday season! May you be showered with love, peace joy and happiness!

May you give yourself the best present ever – unwrap your inner gifts to live your soul mission. When you LIVE THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT – every single day is a Christmas Day – filled with purpose, love, happiness and a sense of well-being. Imagine living from this space every single day of your life!

Happy Holidays!



The Rain Won't Stop Because You can't Handle More…

The rain won’t stop because we can’t handle more neither will the birds stop flying whether we like or dislike them. The sun will come out each morning and the darkness will take away the light of the sun, whether we like it or not. The nature of life is just that – we did not create it nor will we stop it despite of what is going in in our personal life.

We cannot imagine what anyone’s worst pain is or their greatest joy – to each his /her own. At some point in our lives, we get to realize that nothing is so personal – everything is simply a thing which is not temporary or permanent – it is just what it is.

I like to think that I am on my path and everything or everyone who shows up collides with me or I collide with them. We hang around for a while, we part ways, we skirt around each other to avoid the collision but ultimately we will all collide with who and what we need to, to accomplish our life purpose.

The sooner our little, egoistic minds can let go of all that “I am being affected” “‘Why me?’ “I don’t deserve this” the sooner we step into the ever flowing stream of life to be with what is. Don’t stress over life… all of life existed before you and I appeared for a little holiday here… and all of life will continue with or without us.

Learn how to dance in the rain and make lemonade with lemons; learn how to go deeper into yourself to find your own worth when no one else can see it. learn how to be at peace with yourself with what you have, not what you don’t have.

Best of all, learn how to be the rain and the sun…UNSTOPPABLE.

Can you see it? You are part of the life force and just as the sun can’t stop shinning, you too can’t be stopped from BEING and LIVING your purpose.

Choose your path… at the end of it all, that is all what you are responsible for.



Angels and Miracles are all around you…

Last week I realized that I did not have my driver’s license which I needed for an important task. After a thorough search in jacket pockets, shelves, purses – everywhere I could look, I surrendered it to my angels to find it for me. The problem was not just not having the license but the timing of what I needed to do with it. That evening when I surrendered it, I received a message from my friend Christina Hearns who said that she found my license at her house, where I was a few weeks ago. I have no idea how I managed to leave it there. However, the timeliness of it could not be more perfect and I stand in deep gratitude for the presence of earth and heavenly angels in my life.
I know for sure that angels surround me, protect me and bless me. I know for sure that the universe bends its laws for me. I know for sure that miracles exist because the force of God lives through me, expands outside of me and touches heaven and earth, darkness and light, peace and chaos…all together for the Glory of God.
Surrender what is bothering you today. You are never alone and the one who created you out of nothing, made worlds out of nothing, knows YOU more than anyone will ever know. Find the miracles of life all around you and grow your faith beyond what your eyes can see and your ears can hear. Deep, deep within you, lies a force, a presence, a knowingness… and when you touch it, nothing will ever be the same again.

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