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To be inspired in the modern world is more difficult than ever before. The majesty of life is still all around you if you can find it. We want you to find inspiration, and we think can help you. Let Mag’s magazine guide you to the inspiration.


Check out the newest issue of Mag’s Magazine for the latest in inspiration and hidden gems that I think will give you the motivation you need.



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I’m grateful for you and your wisdom in your posts! Most of all, grateful for the communities you create online and offline. Thank you Magdalene! xoxo

Joanne Savoie-Malone.

Mags Magazine is presented in a very professional fashion from the glossy pages to the vibrant pictures that makes you want to keep on reading.

Velina William.

I personally found it to be unique and uplifting because I found myself in the entire presentation. I felt like I was in a private counselling and coaching session.

Mussie Habte.