Try This Free Tool To Know Your Archetype. Once you know your archytype, you live your destiny – not your fate.

“When you know your archetype, you live your destiny, not your fate. You live a truly empowered life guided by synchronicity that shows you the doors you should walk through and those you should avoid. Knowing your archetypes gives you an intuitive language to help you understand yourself and others. Once you know your archetypes, every choice you make—from a new friend, relationship, job, choice of clothing, or home décor—will be made through the prism of those archetypes.” Carolyn Myss, Archetypes of the Soul.
 I recently discovered this new tool developed to help you assess your archytype.
Click on the link below to discover your archetype.
 I found out that my primary archetype is spiritual, which is absolutely true. When I look at my life, as a woman, lover, mother, wife, teacher, coach, director, counsellor or friend, this thread of spirituality runs through everything that I do.  Another assessment, revealed that I am  a visionary and  that is also true.  These two dimensions make me a unique person (everyone is unique). Being aware of those two leading characteristics, enable me to me to be accepting of  ME as ME, allows me to BE ME and to seek opportunities which flows with my archetype. This is why I thrive in doing  some aspects of my job so well – I do what I am good at and I work with others to get other things done, which they are better at. 
Understanding our  archetype/personality/strength/ helps us  know where and how we fit in a team. When we TUNEIN to that knowledge about ourselves, we can STEPUP and even create opportunities to do more and more of what we are strongest at.
Now, I try to spend more time doing fewer things right, and less time  doing things that others can do better and faster. 
Share your archetype result with us.  Did it offer any insights about yourself?
TuneIN and StepUP in making today an amazing day!



Author: Mags

Live this moment, as if it were your last moment. Live with purpose and die happily exhausted knowing that you used every bit of your talent to serve life fully. Live your soul mission - the universe will conspire with you to move you from vision to mission.

3 thoughts on “Try This Free Tool To Know Your Archetype. Once you know your archytype, you live your destiny – not your fate.”

  1. I can’t insert the screenshot but this is my result: I’m 42% caregiver, 29% intellectual and 9% creative with another mixed 20%. It was very interesting for me to see how I’ve changed with the years and even more now that I’m away from my family.


    1. Thanks Ledianis for trying it. You think it has changed but what if it were always there – just coming out more and more now. Maybe we do change as we get older and refine our values more… would love to talk more about this!


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