Happy Thanksgiving! Stay rooted in the power of gratitude.


The greatest pleasure in blogging is being able to share this part of my soul journey with you – YOU who is reading this now and I THANK YOU for being a part of this journey with me, wherever you are. Although Thanksgiving is celebrated in Canada this weekend, I still want to say “Happy Thanksgiving” to you and to encourage you to remain rooted in the power of gratitude for all that we are blessed with.

Here is a song dedicated to you which reflects Thanksgiving. I sat alone in my room listening to it this morning and was inspired to share it with you.

Remember that YOU are special, YOU have gifts to share with this world; YOU are an important part of the connectedness of this universal energy which is longing for more and more love in our planet. YOU are all love.


Author: Mags

Live this moment, as if it were your last moment. Live with purpose and die happily exhausted knowing that you used every bit of your talent to serve life fully. Live your soul mission - the universe will conspire with you to move you from vision to mission.

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