Best dating tip I have heard all year… maybe the same should apply for hiring too…


You know when  two people just mesh really well together… right?

I had dinner with two such people last night and I asked  them how they met. They told me that they met online.  She told me that her profile picture was one with her goggles, her hair up …the picture was taken as she was renovating her kitchen.  There was nothing pretty about it!

He was attracted to that picture.  Turns out that he is a renovator.  They fit perfectly well!

A few months ago, I met another couple who met online as well and they have been happily married for five years.  He told me that his profile picture showed him missing a tooth – so he did not look that attractive!  However, it was his sentence that said, “I can fix anything,” that probed her to send him a message. She was able to look past that missing tooth and saw the value that he brought to her.  The tooth is now fixed – he looks absolutely stunning.

Most of us think that we need to look our prettiest on a dating profile photo.  Could this just be the reason you are not getting the right match?  Do we work too hard towards this image of perfection?  How will a potential partner recognize the value that we bring to the table?  Does your picture/words truly reflect who you are?

I have often thought many times that employers also pass up great potential employees because of the same reason – looking for the perfect resume or someone who provides the answers that they are trained to listen for  at an interview. Sometimes, the best employees are not packed in a résumé at all!  One executive director  told me that he once hired a woman who had a 8 page resume.  Everyone on the hiring committee said that the résumé should be disqualified but he looked beyond the length of the résumé to the real content in it.  She turned out to be a phenomenal employee and gave long years of great service and loyalty.

How have we been conditioned to present ourselves?

How are you assessing the people you invite to be a part of your life?  Does it truly show your inner values and the essence of your spirit?  Or are you simply following what everyone else has made you believe to be right?

TuneIn to your intuitive ability and StepUp to do the thing that feels right for your spirit.  You may be surprised at how your spirit rewards you for being authentic!

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Author: Mags

Live this moment, as if it were your last moment. Live with purpose and die happily exhausted knowing that you used every bit of your talent to serve life fully. Live your soul mission - the universe will conspire with you to move you from vision to mission.