Weekly photo challenge – juxtaposition

A juxtaposition is “the act of placing things side by side, especially for the purpose of comparison or contrast” — as in these two shots.

The first photo below shows the contrast between a young man grating coconut in the traditional method which dates back hundreds of years. The traditional grater is a long metal with a scraper at the end. He is sitting on the long metal piece, with his hands holding the hard outer part of the coconut while he scrapes the hard white, inner part of the coconut. You can see the grated coconut falling in the bucket and there are still several cracked coconuts waiting to be grated.

Juxaposition - Young man gratiing coconut

In this next picture there are two comparisons. The first contrast is the young man  with his grandmother who is in her  90’s and the second contrast is that he is on his modern-day cell phone while she is  grating the coconuts.  There is the contrast of her white hair to his black braided hair, her sagged muscles compared to his youthfulness.


I love both photos.  I love the intensity with which each one is wrapped up in their own world within such a close proximity of space. It is such an amazing contrast between the two worlds – young and old; new technology and old tradition.

What a great  juxtaposition!



Author: Mags

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14 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge – juxtaposition”

  1. That’s fantastic…not the picture but the way you trigger my thoughts.

    I can see the juxtaposition of hard, brown outer side with the soft white inner part of the coconut.

    But at the same time it hints at the use of two hands to handle coconut and the single hand to use technology, to show that technology is facilitating our lives and saving human labour.

    What attracts me is the new cell phone and the old style of water tap in the back ground.

    At the same time the young man with open eyes is looking forward to find something to hold onto for future. In contrast the old grandma with closed eyes in recollecting her past ( memories)…Better to stop here, I guess otherwise I will go on and on and on….


  2. Wonderful! Reminds me of the days that I sat and shred coconut like that. I don’t know if shred is the correct translation into English, but the result is similar to shred.
    I love the contrast if the young the old the technology of communication vs the silence if communication. Thank you!


    1. Thank you! The end product for shed and grate are almost the same except that when you grate coconut, it comes out a bit more moist than when it is shredded. Thanks for your comments – love it 🙂


      1. You’re one of the fortunate ones. I don’t think I learned to laugh freely until a rather advanced age, not that I never laughed, but now I can laugh at myself as well, although not always. Heehee


  3. Excellent juxtaposition indeed. I love the post processing treatment of the first photo. Makes it a very dreamy image. And agree the cellphone makes the second shot altho a shot of the grandmother alone would have been wonderful too. Nicely done.


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