Are you aging gracefully?


My friend Sharon stopped by my office a few weeks ago and I could not help but admire her clear flawless complexion and her youthful energy. She is a great role model of a woman who is aging gracefully.  (I won’t tell you her age!) I met her eleven  years ago and was instantly drawn to her lovely, long silver hair and her very positive energy. She exudes a beautiful, zen presence and makes others feel completely welcomed in her space, wherever that space is.  Coincidentally, I met her around the same time when I was in a dilemma about whether I should dye my hair as a few strands were turning grey.  Looking at her hair made me decide not to dye mine – why not just keep in natural?  Eleven years later, I am glad that I kept all my greys because I am enjoying them completely.  It makes me feel wiser – maybe one day my hair will look like Sharon’s hair.

Women and men become more mindful of aging after the age of 40.  For me, my 40’s are amazing years in my life. I had several conversations with women from  different parts of the world who use different strategies to age gracefully.  Here are some of their secrets for aging gracefully:

– Make decisions based on your values and your visions for your life.  You will never please everyone but make sure that you are happy or can genuinely live with whatever decisions you make in  life.

– Forgive quickly.  Don’t hold on to anger and resentment.  It kills your spirit slowly.  Find a way to let go of things and people which has caused you grief.

– Do something positive for yourself and someone else or for the environment every day.  Doing good and positive things make you feel good about yourself.  When you feel good, it naturally boost your immune system, reduces stress and relaxes your body. Stress causes your heart rate  to go up and causes other illnesses such as digestive problems, ulcers and even cancer.

– Live simply that others may simply live. Sharon told me that she lives her life by this motto – as she grows older, there is a need to have less things in her own life.  She is a great example of reaching out to others in a soft, compassionate and heartfelt way.

– Eat lots of greens, vegetables and fruit. Stay away from sugar.  Sugar creates yeast in the body. Yeast causes havoc.  Greens, fruits and vegetables provides nutrients which makes our skin glow, keeps our hair healthy and helps our organs to function at their optimal capacity.

– Exercise daily. Walk, swim, do crunches, cycle,  run, aerobics, weights, jumping jacks, ski – physical exercise produces endorphins which makes us feel good.  Find out what your ideal weight should be and try to stay within in.

– Meditate and pray.  A few quiet  moments each day does wonders for our souls.  It reconnects us to our spirit and makes us feel the “awe” of life.

– Create moments to simply give thanks for all the good things in your life. Give thanks for all the bad things too.  A heart full of gratitude brings abundance to us.

– Choose your battles. No need to fight with everyone and everything.  Some things are best left alone.  Karma deals with everything…. the good, the bad and the ugly.

– Smile.  It is that simple.  It keeps your face looking relaxed and invites others into your space.

– Be genuine with others.  There is no need to hang around people whom you really do not care about.  We don’t have to like everyone but we need to be genuine. Not being genuine drains our good energy.

– Enjoy the presence of others by being in the present moment. Enjoy good company.  Plan moments for you to get away with others whom you really genuinely care about.

– Work at a job you love.  If you don’t have a job you love, start adjusting your attitude towards it, find another job or create a job for yourself.  Work stress negatively impacts our emotional and spiritual health.  This causes us to age rapidly.

– Be in a happy relationship which gives you the opportunity to grow and share in an intimate and “heart connecting” way.

– Enjoy physical touch.  Hug.  Kiss. Make love. Massage. Touch others with love and embrace the touch of others with love.

– Try new experiences.  Your brain need stimulation and has the ability to build neural connections throughout life.

– Spend time in nature.  Nature takes us back to balance.

– Plan events/occasions/opportunities to look forward to.

My own special tip – stay away from people and situations which cause unnecessary anxiety and stress.

Love fully. Laugh loudly. Live with abandon.

What are your tips for aging gracefully?

TuneIn and StepUp to create  your own mindset that this is YOUR life…not a dress rehearsal.  So live it up and age gracefully!







How my small blog brought international exposure to St. Lucian athletes through the BBC World News…



It is heartwarming when small gestures done with love and passion blossoms into more significant opportunities.

In February, I profiled 10 St. Lucians on my blog whom I picked randomly and I knew were making a difference in the lives others. Two of these great St. Lucians were Martina and Martial Charlery who run the Rockets Club in St. Lucia, where they train young athletes to compete on the global stage.

Martina and Martial

A few days after the blog was released, I was thrilled to hear that a BBC correspondent had contacted them to do a documentary on the athletes.

“Good morning, Martial and I would like to thank you for the article that you wrote about us and the work that we are doing. It gives great pleasure seeing the athletes develop from one stage to the next. We very shocked when the BBC correspondent contacted us, seeking to do a short documentary on the club. The correspondent indicated that they read your blog and would like to do a short story on the athletes and what we are doing to prepare for the Commonwealth Youth Games which will be held in 2017 here in Saint Lucia.”  Martina Charlery

Please see the BBC documentary below – let us support our young athletes in St. Lucia.

Nevin Kester Bryan

Martial and Martina are very excited and so are the athletes and the parents.  Since the documentary was first aired on BBC America, they  have received many calls from all over the world. The comments are very encouraging and the love and support is felt.  Most of the athletes have told us that people who meet them at school and on the streets, compliment them. Most of them have indicated that the comments have all been very encouraging, and very supportive.

“We never anticipated that such a great opportunity would have come our way, and we are truly thankful, and wish to share our deepest thanks to all the persons who continue to support our efforts.”  Martial Charlery

Sports participation and development in Saint Lucia, is an important part of our county’s development. Sport has the unique power to attract, mobilize and inspire. It is about inclusion, it teaches values such as respect for opponent, acceptance of rules and regulations, teamwork and fairness, all of which play an important aspect in helping the young athlete develop socially. Sports participation provides the children with the opportunity to express themselves, to share their opinions and ideas, to contribute their voices and become agents for change and contributing to a more peaceful society.

“The Government of St. Lucia  has seen the need and importance of sports and have taken a proactive role in ensuring that all schools have a sports programme with Physical Education  teachers at every school. Over the years we have seen greater participation and involvement. The major challenge is financing. Sponsorship for programmes such as ours have been a major challenge. For the athletes of the Rockets Athletic Club, participation involves not only the track performances, but their academic and social participation. It is our view that not all the athletes will become Olympians but some will become administrators and business owners. Thus,when a letter seeking sponsorship comes to them, they would be inclined to assist because of the experiences they had as a member of the club.”  Martina Charley

“We are grateful for the publicity that this opportunity has given us. The public now has a greater insight into what we do as a club, thus has a greater appreciation of the work and effort that the athletes are putting in. We hope that through this experience, more business owners and more of the private sector will play a greater role in providing the financial assistance in helping develop our athletes and thus making sports a bigger part of our daily lives. Scholarships, and funding for programmes such as camps, clinics, workshops, and cultural exchange programmes can and will help our athletes and our nation by extension.”  Martial Charlery

They  would like to see more financing for coaching and the inclusion of coaches in the schools at all levels of sports participation. The technical expertise they provide can improve on the performances by the athletes thus having a domino effect on the level of competition  they participate in.

Look out for the Youth Commonwealth Youth Games in 2017 in St. Lucia!

Please see the previous blog written about the Rockets Athletic Club

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