Guys like him… makes us all want to have husbands like him…

Today – we got to know one guy who loves to give surprises!

This morning we received an e-mail at work from our Director of Organizational Development which said:

“Danielle’s husband Chris has arranged a birthday surprise for Danielle today at lunchtime in our staff room – a treat which I hope you will all enjoy too. If you are available at 12 please stop by the lunch room for some entertainment while you eat.

As mentioned, this is a surprise for Danielle so please keep this to yourself so as not to spoil the hard work Chris has put in making the arrangements. My role is to make sure Danielle is there at the appropriate time.”

I smiled when I read the note!  What a beautiful gesture from Chris!

The surprise was even more beautiful… he brought in two well-known musicians who gave us a lovely rendition for almost 1/2 hour! Then there were all those delicious cakes and dessert from  gourmet bakery.


The cellist was Karen Kang (music teacher and faculty at the Leading Note Foundation’s OrKidstra Program)

The viola player was her husband Paul Casey (Member of the NAC orchestra and music teacher)

And  Chris Frye, her husband is the guitarist and singer with The Bills:

We were all so touched by this beautiful gesture!  Danielle could not stop blushing.

Now don’t we all want a lovely, thoughtful husband like Chris! They would probably have to be musicians too! 🙂

Happy Birthday Danielle!





Author: Mags

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