The smallest piece of advice that builds from the bottom up…

_DSC2334(My friend Gina at the launch of Mags Magazine. She came to support even when I had not seen her for a long, long time.  She left an impact on my life many years ago when we shared an office space.)

She gently rubbed my back.  Her voice was so comforting in my moment of distress.  As if my magic, my pain disappeared as her healing hands restored my brokenness.

“Magdalene, it is so important for us to respect every single person in the places where we work.  Show  love, kindness and respect to each person at the very bottom of the organization.  No one is too small or too big  If you can do that, they will give you back that respect and open doors for you too.”

As Gina and I spoke that day, she was able to ground me and help me put the situation in a healthy perspective.  At that moment, I was struggling with an issue of power and control. Our jobs are built in a hierarchical structure. This structure creates distorted lines  as the egos of those in high positions become so inflated that they cannot relate to those who are in the ‘lower’ levels – be it the cleaner or the dishwasher or the receptionist or the maid.  Those who are below gets crushed and too often feel undervalued for their contribution.

We all need to feel valued. People who feel valued are likely to produce a higher quality of work, are more committed to their jobs and add a greater positive feeling to the work environment.

In the rush the day, we can show how we value each other through simple things:

– exchanging a polite and uplifting greeting as you  pass each other in the elevator or the stairs

– sending a thank you note for work well done

– asking ‘how are you?’

– acknowledging that everyone’s role in the organization is important

– providing the tools and resources which someone needs to make their job better

– spending a few minutes to really check in to see how things are going

– keeping your word on doing something you promised

– asking for advice in the decision-making process

– genuinely listening

Today, think about the people whom you work with.  How do you show that you value them?  It is genuine? Do you show that you value them in the way that you expect others to value you?

“I speak to everyone in the same way, whether he is the garbage man or the president of the university.”
Albert Einstein



Author: Mags

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  1. Awesome post. I’ve found that “asking ‘how are you?'” and then genuinely listening and caring about the response makes such a huge difference in how you and the other person feel. That has become a thing we just say as a polite question, but it’s so important actually to care!

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