Strong Message to End Violence Against Women, from Rima Aristocrat, Honorary Chair for IWSO Gala 2015,

Today marks the 16 days to end violence against women. Rima Aristocrat, CEO of Willis College delivered a powerful speech at the Immigrant Women Services Gala and I have included her speech here. This year, all the three campuses from Willis College set on a fund raising drive to ‘Orange the World’ by sensitizing students to end violence against women. Today, the Willis College will be presenting a cheque to IWSO from their fund raising efforts. Proud of Willis College.

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_DSC4961One of the highlights for me in 2015 was meeting this amazing woman, Rima Aristocrat, at my son’s graduation from Willis College.  He had spoken to me about her before I met her, and would say things to me like,  ‘Mom, I have never been to a school where there is so much love!  Rima comes into our classroom and chats with us about everything!”  When I met her, I understood his respect for her because she is a remarkable woman who is very humble even though she has achieved great things in life! She has received numerous awards for her contribution to education, including recognition in the Who’s Who of Canadian Women, named as one of Ottawa’s 100 most influential leaders, listed among 2000 of the world’s respected individuals by Who’s Who in the 21st Century. Read more about Rima here.

Rima was the Honorary Chair of the 2015…

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