Be that Spark of Genius…

Be that SPARK of GENIUS Be that SPARK of GENIUSAll of us have That little spark…

Is it your smile?

Your wit?

Your laughter?

Your writing?

Your charisma?

Your creativity?

Your art of conversation?

Your style?

Your humour?

Your sarcasm?

Your deep analytical skills?

Your nurturing  touch?

Your listening ears?

Your healing touch?

Don’t compare your spark of genius to anyone else.

Your spark is yours… own it… claim it… expand it to make the world more beautiful.




Author: Mags

Live this moment, as if it were your last moment. Live with purpose and die happily exhausted knowing that you used every bit of your talent to serve life fully. Live your soul mission - the universe will conspire with you to move you from vision to mission.