One New Year’s Resolution which I banned…

Magdalene 1st blogFor many years, until 2012,  one of my favourite resolutions was to lose weight.  I thought I would look so much sexier and feel so much better about myself, if only I was ten pounds less.  I never succeeded to maintain that goal throughout the year.  I have started more yoga, exercise and diet routines than I would care to mention here.   I have paid for gym memberships and not worked out at all in the gym.  I have felt like a total failure for not being faithful to my own resolutions.

In 2012,  I replaced weight loss with, “Exercise regularly and eat healthy meals”. Since then, I don’t bother weigh myself anymore – in fact I don’t even have a scale! I know when I have put on some extra pounds and I know exactly what to do to take it off. I no longer burry myself in shame for not being leaner, sexier, more glamorous or more beautiful.  I am all those things every single day and I truly believe that I am.   I no longer wish for any magic pill to take away the pounds. I know that it takes discipline to keep yourself fit and I know that I need to put in effort to get results.

In 2013 I wrote  a blog called – Lose 10 lbs. by writing. Truly, I had lost 10 lbs. which I attributed towards writing.

“I developed a habit to write each morning for about an hour and by the time I was done, I felt more grounded.  I felt that I had touched a part of my soul that was longing to be nurtured. I paid more attention to what I ate, drank more water and added more fiber to my diet. That same year, I started blogging.What I have learnt from this experience is that my soul needs creative expression. Actually, consistency matters when we are trying to change something in our lives.”

Here is how my subconscious mind works (and maybe yours too!). When we say, “I want to lose weight”, our subconscious minds understands that there is something wrong with us. It understands that we are lacking something to feel complete. Chances are that you will keep on feeling frustrated with not getting to your  weight loss goal and go right back to poor eating habits or not exercising regularly.   Do you seriously value your beautiful body beyond the looking good part?

When I say, “I exercise regularly and eat healthily’, my subconscious gets exactly that. I don’t need to lose weight. What I need is a healthy body. I can have a healthy body if I eat healthy foods and exercise regularly. If I don’t have access to the gym, I go for a walk. If it is too cold outside, I walk in an indoor shopping mall. I can even do yoga at home!  The pressure of weight loss is no longer a burden on my emotional body.

My body feels valued and respected when I take good care of it. I can feel that all the cells are happy and rejuvenated.

How can creative expression help you to overcome obstacles and move closer to your life goals?  Sometimes, the breakthrough happens when we deal feed our souls with the right nourishment. Is it dance? Music? Reading? Writing? Painting? Sculpting?

Live your future NOW… touch your soul.




4 Comments on “One New Year’s Resolution which I banned…

  1. Mag, what an inspiring story. Being more of who we are, letting ourselves come out, listen to our hearts, is such an engine to inspire good mental, physical and spiritual health. Love it! Ange



  2. Mag, the mind is very powerful. We need to live what we believe in. Once we are consistent in working towards our set goal (s) we will achieve it (them) through effort and discipline. Very good message. You always inspire others. Keep it up.


    • Thank you for your support MaryAnna! I am work in progress but I believe that we all have a responsibility to keep a positive attitude and to reach for our goals as best as we can. Thanks for all your encouragement.


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