Don’t let your suffering blind you

Don’t let your suffering blind you from seeing


There was a time in my life, that my greatest pursuit was happiness. I was looking for that thing or person who would complete me and make me happy. This search for happiness also created a gap between where I was in my life and the illusive thing called happiness. I think that it is an illusion try to find happiness.  The fact that we are looking for happiness makes us feel that we are living in a state of unhappiness or dissatisfaction.  It blinds us from the beauty and opportunities which may be right in front of us. What I know for a fact now, is that happiness is a decision. I decide to be a happy person every day, every moment, all the time. It does not mean that I don’t get disappointed or feel unhappy about situations but at my core, I choose to be happy.

I am not waiting for happiness to find me. I find happiness because I am happiness.

There is suffering everywhere.

There is beauty everywhere.

I choose to see beauty.  I choose to be happy.




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