Life speaks to us in whispers and thunder

Life speaks to us in whispers and thunder.

Angels visit us in rags.

Passion burns through our fingers and visions are planted in the core of our hearts.

Intuition screams within with multiple layers of stories we have told ourselves.

Life messengers bow before us nudging us to our rightful shores……

Yet, we remain stuck… searching for the familiar faces…repeating our tethered stories… unable to break out of the chains…

The chains are even growing tired of hanging on to us… even the chains are longing to free us… we just need to pay attention to the messengers right before us.

Create an amazing day.  Your life is worth every small effort you put into it to rise and shine.




One Comment on “Life speaks to us in whispers and thunder

  1. My god I love you Magdalene!!!!! You are truly gifted and blessed with words that touches every soul.

    Rima Aristocrat, President & CEO Willis College

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