Talent, of itself, is a useless thing.

Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work. Stephen King
Talent, of itself, is a pretty useless thing, until it can serve a purpose to create meaning, change something, add new perspectives, gain some new insights, build something or re-create something. When talent is mixed with perseverance and determination to serve selflessly and purposefully – then talent becomes useful and should make society a better place to live.
What is your talent?
What is it being used for?
Are you using your talent to create meaning?
Are you using your talent to serve life?

Author: Mags

Live this moment, as if it were your last moment. Live with purpose and die happily exhausted knowing that you used every bit of your talent to serve life fully. Live your soul mission - the universe will conspire with you to move you from vision to mission.

4 thoughts on “Talent, of itself, is a useless thing.”

  1. I totally agree, and in some way you helped me to find a talent in me that I can use to serve people. One day you told me I should pursuit a career in the health sector and I think you were right…I will start in May and I will be able to use my talent of serving and helping people this way…Thanks!

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