Meet the Director of Operations of Gems of Saint Lucia

Two years ago… how time goes by so quickly. Gems has done so much within that period of time… still so much more to do! Happy 2nd anniversary!

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I love the endless synchronicities and magical things that happen to me in my life – most of them completely unplanned but somehow turns out perfectly.  One of those unplanned “things” was becoming the Director of Operations of Gems of Saint Lucia which has officially expanded  it’s services to Canada.  You can read more about Gems of Saint Lucia at

How did this all happen?  I did not apply for the job. In fact I had no idea that this company existed until last August when I went to New York to spend a weekend with my dear  girlfriend Margot, who travelled from England to meet me.  Along this journey, I met with the CEO of Gems of Saint Lucia, Wilson Jn Baptiste, through an initial Facebook connection. From the very first meeting, I realized that we had some common interests in Saint Lucia (our homeland) and since then we have both been talking…

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