My magical golden slipper

There it was amongst the decorations – my magical golden slipper ornament which I fell in love with last year, while shopping for Christmas gifts.  I simply had to have it.  It spoke to me of new dreams and golden opportunities. I wanted those golden opportunities to light up in my life and bring on a surge of excitement and newness in 2018. After I bought one for myself, I went back and brought several others to gift to some of my girlfriends, because I wanted golden opportunities for them too! 

My magical golden slipper

And you know what  – 2018  was filled with golden opportunities and newness. Whether it was the slippers or my intentions or both, I believe that even when we are subconsciously searching for meaning or a way forward under any given circumstances, there are little clues and symbols that speak to us along the way.  If we pay attention, we will see that thing which we almost can’t seem to resist, and if we search further, our souls will bring clarity to us. 

I love the feeling of Christmas. It is enchanting and magical brings back the childhood memories and expectations of something beautiful to come.  The twinkling  lights on a Christmas tree are enough to mesmerize me and keep me in the illusion of a magical world where the birth of Christ the King, solves all the ails of the world.  Of course, it is so far from truth but there is a little part of me which wants to hold on to the feeling of that beautiful story because if all of us somehow believed a little part, I think that life could be so magical.

This weekend we put up the Christmas tree earlier that any other year.  Why?  I read somewhere that putting up the Christmas tree earlier, creates a happier mood.  True or not, it felt wonderful coming home to a lighted tree this evening. 

I did something a little bit different – I left our tree a bit empty with a box of decorations under the tree so that everyone can put up decorations whenever they feel like. It is my hope that it will extend this magical feeling within our souls, while individually we keep on searching for the new ornaments to infuse magic in 2019.



2 Comments on “My magical golden slipper

  1. Hi Magdalene, Love this message. I am also feeling like decorating earlier this year than ever before. I think it’s partly because of the early snow that seems to be lingering — it’s certainly looking like Christmas.
    Love your golden slipper — it’s a beautiful decoration with some very special connotations. Thanks for sharing your wonderful Christmas spirit with all of us.


    • Thank you dear Marilyn! The snow certainly makes it feel like Christmas – but it also makes winter feels longer. The golden slipper is such a treasure… there is something about these ‘childlike’ images which makes my hear sing. Who wears a golden slipper but a princess… and how beautiful it is that we can shift that image to being the princesses that wear the golden slipper and also build beautiful dreams… Let us dream on Marilyn!


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