Just living is not enough…

I have spent the last few days setting up my garden and working towards creating an extraordinary small, meditative space at the front of my house. Gardening fills my soul with so much joy and each bloom reminds me of the miracles and graces which are bestowed on us each day. Caring for my garden is part of my soul self-care. It is the space that nourishes my soul, connects me to the earth and all the goodness which abounds in each dig, each seed, each seedling, each stone, each weed, each plant, each small animal which visits and each person who pauses to say hello and admire the garden.

I came across this quote in my reading this morning and what a beautiful expression by Hans Christian Andersen.

“Just living is not enough…one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.”

Remember that each flower blooms in it’s own time. We cannot force the blooms but we can take care to nourish, water, place it in the sunlight, provide the right temperature and soil conditions… to have the best blooms. So it is with your soul. Take time to nourish yourself so that your can harvest extraordinary life blooms.



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  1. Dear Magdalene,
    Congratulations on your beautiful concept of a meditative space in your garden. Flowers do so much to lift our spirits and increase our appreciation of nature’s beauty and skill (for lack of a better word) in attracting attention of humans, insects and animals. I look forward to seeing your garden.

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    • Thank you so much dear Marilyn! And such a pleasure it was having you and Melissa over! Love you. xxxx


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