PAUSE with the sunset. It rejuvenates the spirit.

What is more magical than sitting on rocks, looking over the water and feasting on the sunset as it slowly disappears beyond the horizon? I felt the pause in my body as my breath also flowed easier with the universal energy of life. Half an hour later, I felt better, more grounded and more determined to give my best to live this life which has been gifted to me.

Each sunset brings the promise of a new dawn. Each sunset also begs me to reflect and ask myself, “Did you truly live this day to the fullest? Did you enjoy the gifts of the earth? Do you feel peaceful as you close your eyes with the promise of the dawn? Did you add a little spark of kindness to this day? Did you forgive? Did you let go of all of your anxieties? Did you trust that all is perfectly fine as you are a Divine Child of Our Great Creator?”

Oh beautiful sunset – keep me grounded and remind me to create beautiful days so that at the sunset, I can have no regrets when I pause to look at you, in your majestic, mystical beauty.

PAUSE with the sunset. It rejuvenates the spirit.



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