A Beautiful Memory Of My Father


This memory came up in my Facebook feeds and I almost shed a few tears. In moments like this, I am glad that I write! I can't imagine how many memories I would lose if I did not record them!

April 8th, 2018

Tonight, I had a cup of coffee just before dinner (which I don't normally have in the evenings). As I sipped the coffee, I found myself thinking of my father and feeling quite amused about those little memories that pop into my mind when I least expect it. My dad always had a cup of coffee before his dinner. Every evening, he would bathe, shave, dress up nicely, put on some cologne and have a cup of coffee in the balcony alone, while my mom prepared his dinner.

As I pen these words, I can almost hear him humming as he made the coffee. The smell of the cologne would perfume the entire house mixed with the aroma from the coffee. This seemed to have been his special reflective moment on most work days. It is interesting how we (the kids) did not disturb him either! It was sort of understood by all of us, that this was his time. Looking back, I think that my dad had some aristocratic blood in him. He was quite a fine gentleman, with his own philosophy about life and played by his own rules to a large extent. He was very humble, generous... and when he dressed... he was quite a good looking gentleman too! He was sleek!

You know when you are growing up, you think that the older folks are just weird.... and it seems now that I am getting a bit weird too... funny how life works!

I am grateful for such memories. It keeps me grounded to my roots and to the memories of my parents.

Any memories to share?


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