A garden fairy for my garden?


Someone brought me a cute little garden fairy - it is priceless gift for my garden! I have no idea who it is from. My son tried his best to explain that a young girl and her mom dropped by with the garden fairy but he could not remember their names. I hope that I can find those two wonderful people to say thank you.

This little garden fairy brought me back to my childhood days of reading all those wonderful magical books about fairies and the mystical world. It is perhaps where my love for the mystical world started. I spent night after night reading, completely enchanted with those little beings whom we could not see but I believed that they existed and they visited gardens and spread fairy dust over our dreams. In my mind, I captured hundreds of little fairies who all created magic and miracles in my life. I believed that they dance around in the night and used their magical powers to remove darkness and cobwebs formed in the day time so that our day could start afresh.

It was all imagination but today I know for a fact that whatever we believe and imagine about life becomes our reality. If I believe in fairies, I will find fairies in all aspects of my life. If I believe that miracles are always happening in my life, I will find miracles. If I believe that my new day is always a fresh day and that fairies have cleaned up the cobwebs from the day before, then so it is. If I believe that the mystical world is full of wonder and magic is created from that space, then I will experience this magic.

What do you believe about life? Do you see life as difficult or easy? Do you believe that life supports you? Do you believe that people are for you? Do you believe that life works against you? Do you believe that you live in a magical world where creation is constantly gifting you with miracles and opportunities?

As I played with the little garden fairy in my garden, I felt like this little girl who had gotten a new toy. I positioned it between the leaves, in a glass jar, below the plants and imagined it filling my little garden with love and joy. I walked along the little garden trail and felt enormous gratitude for the person who brought me that little garden fairy and believe that my energy of gratitude will touch them. It is not only that they have caught on to my love for the whimsical, mystical part of life, but now they have also chosen to be a part of it.

And so I say thank you from the bottom of my heart for your thoughtfulness and consideration and for adding this little fairy to create magic in my garden.

“You have to believe. Otherwise, it will never happen.”
― Neil Gaiman, Stardust




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