After ten years of wishing... it finally happened!

I am the ever optimistic person who believes that any little idea which excites me, has the power to become my reality - even though it may take years or more time than it should have.¬† At the same time, I also believe that everything happens in perfect time. However, I am also the procrastinator in progress to becoming more timely and assertive to achieving my visions quicker... and I think with a bit more effort and persistence, I could move a few things in leaps and bounds. We have lived at out current residence for over 10 years.¬† I have wanted a Christmas wreath on my front door for over ten years but could not figure out how to do it.¬† I have been to a few stores and I have been given hooks which go over the door but none has worked because there is no space above the door to accomodate it.¬† Store attendants have talked me out of using nails or two sided tape... and I feel like I go through this story each Christmas, without getting a solution.¬† I admiringly watch beautiful wreaths on other peoples doors... and I have imagined a wreath on my door for years. It adds such a welcoming feel. Last night, I attempted to solve this problem one more time. I got to the store and told the store attendant by problem. She immediately offered the solution of the hook over the door.¬† I said that it does not work for me.¬† I did my best to explain and I even said, ""Other people have wreaths over their doors.¬† There must be a solution to this.""¬† Like several other attendants have done, she suggested the two sided tape and then talked me out of it saying, ""I have used this and makes a real mess on the door.""¬† But I was not ready to let her off the hook that easily because the store has hundreds of wreaths... there must be a solution.¬† I asked her to call someone in their head office and she did.¬† They also told her about the hooks and two sided tape. Suddenly, a young women who overheard our conversation and my frustration asked, ""What type of door do you have?"" Hummm‚Ķ.. no one had ever asked me that question!¬† Asking the RIGHT questions matter!¬† I responded and said it was a metal door. She said, ""There is a magnet which you can use and it is strong enough to hold the wreath.""¬† She went on to explain how it works.¬† I asked the shop attendant who walked me over to another section of the store and showed me the magnets.¬† She was not convinced it would work but I thought that it is at least worth the effort to try. I bought some decorations to make my wreath and felt an excitement brewing in me.¬† What if this worked... I would finally have that wreath on my door! As soon as I got home, I tried the¬† magnet - it was perfect.¬† It stuck on the door firmly and had the perfect weight to hold the wreath. I sat at the table with a scented apple cinnamon candle, a cup of hot mulled wine and spent the next half and hour creating my wreath.¬† I even make it more beautiful by adding some LED lights to it! This joyful moment of being able to hang my wreath up on our door was priceless.¬† Finally, we had a wreath! The vision of ten years had become a reality but I believe that this could have happened much earlier if I was a bit more persistent and asked the right questions. The wisdom to this experience, is not to never let go of any vision you may have for your life, your career, your family, your relationship, your business.¬† It may take time but you can also push your boundaries by being¬† persistence, asking the right questions and keep in mind that if someone else has found a solution, a solution is likely waiting for you.¬† Love, Mags      "

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