Am I becoming a plant whisperer?


It is Sunday morning and I feel immensely proud of myself as I sit on the front lawn and admire the beautiful flowers in front of me. My vision is my living reality as each bloom adds colour and vibrancy to my little garden. I feel connected to the plants in a very intimate way and I can feel their energy communicating to me all the time as I move around the garden, caring for each one. There are days when I can feel the plants whispering to me. They are now used to me and my camera as I spend time in the evening and early morning taking shots of them. I feel that they almost pose for the camera and give me instructions as to how to get them in the best light. Last night, while I was taking shots of the flowers, I suddenly heard a whisper from my pink echinacea which I had not photographed say, ""What about me? I feel left out. I want to be remembered too!""

These beautiful clematis gave me clear message at the start of spring. ""You need to put a trellis for us this year. We are tired of being squashed by the lawn mower each year because our beauty is missed on the ground and we are always mistaken for grass! We need to climb!"" As I thought about trellis, somehow I managed to find all the material quite quickly and built it myself. Now I can hear the clematis thanking me all the time as they trail up the trellis and display their glorious, gorgeous blooms.

Last Sunday, the message was clear from another group of plants. ""We are choking. Please open the space for us so that we can breathe!"" I worked all Sunday to create a wider path in the garden and re-arranged the plants to have more breathing space. I could hear them whisper, 'Thank you so much. We feel so much better!"" Indeed, I can feel that surge of energy from that entrance of the garden.

The more I immerse myself into the garden, the greater the connection with the earth and the flowers. I believe that all living things communicate to us but sometimes we are not tuned in to hear the messages. How do you open your senses to hear the messages from the natural world? Here are a few photos from my garden this morning.

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