An award for me - how precious! Celebrating the Career Centre of the Telfer School of Management, Ottawa University, 11th Career Centre Successes Reception

"Last night, I received a ""Career Centre Commitment Award"" from the Career Centre, Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa, for appreciation of the work which I have done with them in supporting International Students on their path towards employment in Ottawa. I am very grateful and humble at accepting this award and I am sharing it with the amazing organization and staff I work with - LASI World Skills and the Ottawa Job Match Network, where I have learnt so much about economic integration in Canada and now this knowledge is expanding to serve international students from across the world. The event was very well organized and brought in over 250 students, employers, alumni, professors and students who have all contributed towards its success over the last eleven years. Although I did not capture the pictures here, I do want to congratulate other Award recipients: Julie Blais Corneua, Jeff Drinkwater, Soctiabank David Jones, PassionWorksInc. Carlo Lombard, Progressive Shift Ottawa is a small community and it is inspiring to see the willingness of professionals to volunteer their services to support those programs.  Kimberly Barclay, the relationship manager for the Telfer School of Management, approached us two years ago to explore how we could support their work with international students since we (World Skills/ the Ottawa Job Match Network) work with the economic integration of immigrants into Canada. Although international students are not our clientele, we saw the need to reach out and support the program, thereby leveraging our resources and building a new partnership. Since then we have built capacity to train one of our staff, Soophia Ahmad to also deliver the program and she is doing a fantastic job at it. She should be also sharing the award with me.  By working together, we have all expanded our networks and our knowledge into the wider community. (With Kimberly Barclay below) (With Caroline Hannah, Senior Relationship Manager) (With my colleague Andy Rapoch below) (With my daughter Dawn) (With Wilson St. Jour)    International students offer several strategic advantages to the Canadian workforce - mainly that they have an education in Canada, which does not need accreditation plus they are already integrated into the culture of Canada. However, since they are at school most of the time, their links to the community and employers are not as strong as it should be. Programs like the Career Centre at the Telfer School of Management works with innovative approaches to provide information, professional links to the community, networks, career advice and counselling and other tools and resources to help make an easier transition from university  to employment. Those services are critical in helping international students find a welcoming place in the community as well as employment so that they can become permanent residents in Ottawa. In the long run, it is to the advantage of employers to look at hiring this great pool of candidates, who will contribute towards labour market growth in the next few years. About the Telfer School of Management: Every single day, we can find opportunities to reach out to people or organizations within our communities. TuneIn today to ideitfy your skills and your experience. How can you use those to support others? To  expand your network? How can you support a student? How can you facilitate employment? StepUp and be the change that you want to see in your community. Thanks to Kimberly Barclay and the amazing team at the Career Centre for this award and my amazing workplace for the opportunity to work on such great initiatives. I look forward to continuing our collaboration! Spread the good karma by sharing this blog! You can also FOLLOW the blog by subscribing to it (on the side bar) or LIKE our  FB page!  Look out for a few more stories on initiatives in Ottawa which are making a huge difference in the  lives of our internationally trained individuals! Contact me if you would like me to highlight someone or an initiative which you think is truly inspiring! Love, Magdalene"

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