Anticipation is the fuel which unlocks amazing possibilities to create an exciting future!

"Since I first saw the picture of an amazing caramel pecan cheesecake about six weeks ago, which my friend Janet shared on her Facebook timeline, I have been thinking of it relentlessly.  I got all the ingredients  but with so many other competing Christmas goodies, my caramel pecan cheesecake got put on hold although I kept on  anticipating what it would taste like when I finally bit into it! Somehow, everything aligned perfectly well for me to bake this cheesecake this morning much to the delight of my kids who have waited in anticipation of this cheesecake too!  Cheesecake takes a few hours to settle in the refrigerator before it can be eaten... so the very first question they asked was, ""What time will we be able to have it?""  It is both funny and delightful to have my three grown-up young adults sitting around the dinner table, wishing that 7 O'clock would come sooner.  As soon as the clock hit 7, they all jumped up, thrilled that we were finally going to have that cake!  When I presented it on the table, Jelan immediately said, ""It looks like we are in a restaurant!""  He took a photo of it and twitted it (my cheesecake!).  We all devoured it slowly, savouring the taste and having seconds even though we were painfully aware of the loads of calories it contained.  It tasted so delicious...I even think that the anticipation added more pleasure to the experience. It was Nicholas Sparks, in Three Weeks With my Brother, who said, ""Never forget that anticipation is an important part of life.  Work's important, family's important, but without excitement, you have nothing.  You're cheating yourself if you refuse to enjoy what's coming.”  And I completely agree with him! How do you build anticipation in your life? Heighten your anticipation  levels by thinking of something so enjoyable that you/your loved ones would completely enjoy by stretching the time out so that there is not immediate gratification.  Let yourself long for it some more and let those around you look forward to this anticipated treat. Place little clues around each day... have  conversations around that thing... show photographs.... In my case, with the caramel pecan cheesecake, I am sure that I spoke about that cake every single day for six weeks. There is no way that the kids could have missed it - eventually it became something that they started looking forward to. The power to anticipate is key for our survival - not just for silly things like a caramel pecan cheesecake but for us to also move our lives in the direction we yearn for.  If we can develop the skills to look a bit into the future by taking stock of our current situation, we can solve potential problems and put ourselves at an advantageous position. TuneIn to the amazing power within you to anticipate your soul's desires.  StepUp and take some small action daily to help you move eagerly towards your anticipated desire.  It can be as simple as caramel pecan cheesecake, to getting the guy or girl or your dream, to owning our own company, to renewing your marriage bliss, to uniting your family,  to owning an empire!  In your mind's eyes, can you see yourself getting that anticipated treat?  Can you taste it? Can you almost touch it? The more real it is to your mind, the greater the chances are for it to become a reality. Anticipation is the fuel which unlocks amazing possibilities to create an exciting future! Love, Magdalene"

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