Any Value in Planning 2016 NOW?

"                         'Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning.' Winston Churchill. If¬† you know me well enough, you will know that in my personal life, I live in the moment, except when life seriously demands otherwise. ¬† It works most of the time for me and I believe that it is because of a deeper and stronger alignment which I have with the universe. The universe, in some magical way, knows what I need, even before it comes out of my mouth. However,¬†while I love being spontaneous, I do wonder¬†how much more successful and purpose driven I¬†could be, if only I invested some more¬†time in planning NOW. While there is much fun and high adrenaline in living in the NOW and being spontaneous, ¬†it can also be¬† a stressful experience for others¬†who want to support me and spend time with me. ¬†When others don't know what to expect, it leaves them feeling frustrated and not included. This is not my intention but I know that this is what happens. Last year, when my partner invited me to plan our calendar of activities for the year,¬†I felt that¬†my body moved immediately into resistance mood. ¬†I hate thinking so much in advance... a whole year!¬†Thankfully he does not give up on me that easily!¬† This year he extended the planning invitation again and¬†I¬†was much more willing to go through the process. It took us only 30 minutes to plan our major events and activities for 2016. Each planned activity is an intention which we put out in the universe.¬†The manifestation of all¬†of our dreams begins with a seed of intention and imagination. Now, I feel excited about the future because roles and responsibilities are divided; there are clearer lines for accountability and we will be able to measure our success.¬†Our plan also leaves lots of space for being spontaneous! For the first time in a decade, I even know exactly when I will be taking my holidays!¬†¬†That is amazing!

Try this for yourself.  Write out all the months of the year on a piece of paper.  Ask yourself:

  1.  What would I like to achieve this year?

  2. When would I like to achieve it?

  3. Who do I need to help me?

  4. What will it feel like when I have achieved it?

Live your future Now by planning NOW... it may just save you time and energy!¬† In addition, it may create such a powerful intention that your soul will be singing all the way with you! Follow my blog.¬† Like us on FB. Love, Magdalene    

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