Are we enough?

"A dear friend recently asked me, ""In your experience with people and human resources, what do you think my weaknesses are?  How can I improve myself to fit into the job market?"" My response was, ""I can't say that you have strengths or weaknesses  - it all depends on the situation, what you are matched to do and who you are working with.   With your strongest skills and abilities, you can be a failure if put in a situation where these strengths are not needed, nurtured or recognized."" If I were asked the same question several years ago, I would have probably given a more logical answer which would include that he could develop his interpersonal skills more, learn another language, communicate more effectively or even be more positive about life.  However, with  my experience with people and work today, I have come to ask myself these questions more and more: ""What if we are enough just as we are?"" ""Would ""strengths and weaknesses"" matter so much if we simply did what we are gifted at?"" ""How often has someone become succesful because of a lucky break of meeting the right person at the right time and place?"" ""Why is it that some people who have done everything right, and have all the right education, skills and attitude, still end up unfulfilled?"" ""Why is compensation for one job/work different than another, yet we claim that each person is unique and each job is just as important?""   A clerk can do a magnificent job as a clerk because the type of work matches with his archytype. Yet because his wages are so much lower he begins to study more to fit into a management position.  When he gets to the management position, he realizes that he is unhappy with the job, although his earnings support his lifestyle.  The soul begins to search for can he balance both? TUNE IN to the amazing person you are - not the person you think you should be. If you feel that your life is falling apart and you are just not fitting in a particular situation any longer, you are probably seeking an expansion of your soul which can happen in so many various ways which we will explore in the next blog. You are enough. We are enough. STEP UP and question the choices you have made that has led you to where you are today.  The answers are all within our souls but we need to start developing our courage muscles to do the right thing for our soul.  We know when we are doing the right thing... if you are doing even a tiny, weeny bit of it now, just keep on paying attention...we need to STEP UP to do more and more of what really matters to us. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Disclaimer: The views expressed in this blog are the views of the author, based on her life experiences and observations.  It is designed to provoke one's thinking and to explore the greater context of life, from a soul perspective.  It is a BLOG - not a peer-reviewed journal, a sponsored publication or a product of gatekeeping and editing.  Please read with an open mind. This weblog does not represent the thoughts, intentions, plans or strategies of my employer. It is solely my opinion."

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