Are you a Happy Resource?


Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.

Last week, I met with ¬†two human resources professionals who¬†teased about calling themselves 'Happy Resources' instead of 'Human Resources"".¬†¬† They¬†take on¬†their role quite seriously in the organization but have consciously decided to create a¬†happy¬†space at work. ¬†I thought this was quite cool.¬† In addition to recruitment, staff training and general work place processes, Human Resources play an instrumental role in boosting staff morale and it even adds to job retention. To¬†decide to be 'Happy Resources' sets a friendly, warm and engaging environment. I left the meeting and asked myself, 'Are you a happy resource?'¬† I am a happy resource. I love being a happy resource. I may have sad and disappointing moments but these moment don't overpower my life as a person.¬† I choose to be happy and to engage in things which make me feel happy.¬† I choose to radiate happiness when I connect with others and to be someone who can add to their happiness through both small and big acts of love, kindness, compassion and inspiration. Maybe some of us are born happy, but I think that happiness also comes from our own conscious actions. Interestingly enough, work places also like to have happy, positive people around.¬† It reduces stress and adds to an overall happy space.¬† Whether you are applying for a job, being interviewed for one or you already have a job, be mindful of the happiness factor. Are you a happy resource?¬† The energy in the world is a collective mass of all of our energies.¬† Choose to be happy and add joy to the world! Live your future now... step into your happiness. Love, Magdalene  "

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