Are you aging gracefully?

" My friend Sharon stopped by my office a few weeks ago and I could not help but admire her clear flawless complexion and her youthful energy.¬†She is a great role model of a woman who is aging gracefully. ¬†(I won't tell you her age!) I met her eleven¬† years ago and was instantly drawn to her lovely, long silver hair and her very positive energy.¬†She exudes a beautiful, zen¬†presence and makes others feel completely welcomed¬†in her space, wherever that space is.¬†¬†Coincidentally, I met her around the same time when I was in a¬†dilemma about whether¬†I should dye¬†my hair as a¬†few strands were turning grey.¬† Looking at her hair made me decide not to dye mine - why not just keep in natural?¬† Eleven years later, I am glad that I kept all my greys because I am enjoying them completely.¬† It makes me feel wiser - maybe one day my hair will look like Sharon's hair. Women and men¬†become more mindful of aging after the age of 40.¬† For me, my 40's are amazing years in my life.¬†I had several conversations with women from ¬†different parts of the world who use different strategies to age gracefully.¬† Here are some of their secrets for aging gracefully: - Make decisions based on your values and your visions¬†for your life. ¬†You will never please everyone but make sure that you are happy or can genuinely live with whatever decisions you make in¬† life. - Forgive quickly.¬† Don't hold on to anger and resentment.¬† It kills your spirit slowly.¬† Find a way to let go of things and people which has caused you grief. - Do something positive for yourself and someone else or for the environment every day.¬† Doing good and positive things make you feel good about yourself.¬† When you feel good, it naturally boost your immune system,¬†reduces stress and relaxes your body. Stress causes your heart rate¬†¬†to go up and causes other illnesses such as digestive problems, ulcers and even cancer. - Live simply that others may simply live. Sharon told me that she lives her life by this motto - as she grows older, there is a need to have less things in her own life.¬† She is a great example of reaching out to others in a soft, compassionate and heartfelt way. - Eat lots of greens, vegetables and fruit.¬†Stay away from sugar.¬† Sugar creates yeast in the body. Yeast causes havoc.¬† Greens, fruits and vegetables provides nutrients which makes our skin glow, keeps our hair healthy and helps our organs to function at their optimal capacity. - Exercise daily. Walk, swim,¬†do crunches, cycle, ¬†run, aerobics, weights, jumping jacks, ski - physical exercise produces endorphins which makes us feel good.¬† Find out what your ideal weight should be and try to stay within in. - Meditate and pray.¬† A few quiet ¬†moments each day does wonders for¬†our souls.¬† It reconnects¬†us to our spirit and makes us feel the ""awe"" of life. - Create moments to simply give thanks for all the good things in your life.¬†Give thanks for all the bad things too.¬† A heart full of gratitude brings abundance to us. - Choose your battles. No need to fight with everyone and everything.¬† Some things are best left alone.¬† Karma deals with everything.... the good, the bad and the ugly. - Smile.¬† It is that simple.¬† It keeps your face looking relaxed and invites others into your space. - Be genuine with others.¬† There is no need to hang around people whom you really do not care about.¬† We don't have to like everyone but we need to be genuine. Not being genuine drains our good energy. - Enjoy the presence of others by being in the present moment.¬†Enjoy good company.¬† Plan moments for you to get away with others whom you really genuinely care about. - Work at a job you love.¬† If you don't have a job you love, start adjusting your attitude towards it, find another job or create a job for yourself.¬† Work stress¬†negatively impacts¬†our emotional and spiritual health.¬† This causes us to age rapidly. - Be in a happy relationship which gives you the opportunity to grow and share in an intimate and ""heart connecting"" way. - Enjoy physical touch.¬† Hug.¬† Kiss. Make love. Massage.¬†Touch others with love and embrace the touch of others with love. - Try new experiences.¬† Your brain need stimulation and has the ability to build neural connections throughout life. - Spend time in nature.¬† Nature takes us back to balance. - Plan events/occasions/opportunities to look forward to. My own special tip - stay away from people and situations which cause unnecessary anxiety and stress. Love fully. Laugh loudly. Live with abandon. What are your tips for aging gracefully? TuneIn¬†and StepUp to create¬† your own mindset that this is YOUR life...not a dress rehearsal.¬† So live it up and age gracefully! Love, Magdalene        "

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