Are you feeling "toooooo tired!" at the end of the week to enjoy the weekend?

" Over the last few months, I realize that ""I am tooooooooooooooo tired"" at the end of the week to meet friends and do interesting things as I used to do before. Most of my weekends drag into doing the routine things at home and just lying around - then I start the following week and go through another routine again! Yet after getting all this rest, because I am ""tooooo tired"" to do anything, I don't feel better rested either! Last weekend, one of my friends invited me to go the National Women's Show in Ottawa. Although we were both ""tired"" and almost did not go, I am so glad we went! It was a nice experience to reconnect with her, and simply be in a place where I did something different from the normal. It gave me fresh energy, new ideas and perspectives and a deep appreciation for the great people who had the vision to organize this show to bring greater awareness to products and services from a wide spectrum of businesses across Ottawa, Ontario and even from all over Canada. I learnt about a few more products and services that I would not normally know about. I purchased a few small items to brighten my spring wardrobe and although I spent ONLY $40.00 I went home feeling fuller, richer, more vibrant and more connected to the community. I found myself re-evaluating myself and my constant state of ""being tooooo tired"" and realized that over the last few months I seem to have just resigned my spirit to being too tired to ""feel alive"" and to ""actually do things"" like I did before. Although we must listen to our bodies and get enough rest, we must also guard against describing ourselves as being ""tired"" to the point where it defines us and it causes us to lose our energy and enthusiasm for life and living. I actually got more things done when I got home including cooking dinner, watching a movie with my family and writing a blog that night! Sometime ago, I read an article that proved that people who plan their weekends ahead of time and looked forward to those planned activities, were actually more productive and had managed stress much better. Are you stuck in a rut? Call a friend. Plan to do something different. Go somewhere you have not been before. Invite someone over. Get out of your normal comfort zone. Check out the activities in your part of the world. Act. Move. Do... Don't settle for living ""a tired life"". TuneIn and StepUp with an enthusiasm for living a full life! Love, Magdalene"

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