Are you losing energy and drive for work and life because you are not living your passion?

" I can't afford to leave my day job."" ""I don't have enough savings."" ""I love what I do, I don't know how to make money at it!"" ""I do my job, but I am not passionate about it!."" Over the last ten years, I have heard many reasons why people don't do what they are passionate about and it is usually tied to the fear of not being able to be financially stable.  I am a living example of it myself! In Mags Magazine, several people are featured who have taken the steps to live their passion by stepping outside of their comfort zone. Lisa Anna Palmer is a Certified ProActive Coach and a Certified Passion Test® Facilitator dedicated to helping people get back into the driver’s seat of their career and to help make the World a better workplace. Lisa speaks on the transformative power of Passion and the importance of connecting with your truth to create a career that will lead to a greater sense of meaning, joy and fulfillment in all aspects of your life. Lisa began transforming her life after getting a wake-up call and being told by a Rheumatologist that she was “The Poster Child for Fibromyalgia” when she was only 34. A significant part of that transformation led to a career change: Lisa left her “secure” job with a federal employer to launch Cattelan Palmer Consulting in 2011. She is now enjoying life doing meaningful work she loves as she continues to build her thriving career/leadership coaching practice. Looking back at her experience, she claims that “When you go against purpose and passion, it causes psychological and emotional stress, which can have a serious impact on one’s health and well-being.” Dominique Dennery is another renowned facilitator and coach, with over 25 years of experience, who works with heart centred individuals who are ready to step into their power, and create a lasting legacy for the world. Dominique's approach is  firmly rooted in the belief that our life's work should encompass all that we are: including our skills and creativity, personal values and aspirations.  A renowned coach and facilitator with over 25 years of national and international experience, Dominique actively engages her clients in unearthing their greatest potential for a workplace characterized by genuine communication, and people who find joy in their work. (More about her on page 22) Leria Leah is another young entrepreneur who stumbled upon a passion which she never even knew she had! When her mom became ill in 2013, she was force to stop work and stay home to take care of her ill mom.  In an effort to occupy  her time, she started to bake and within a very short time, her baking turned into a business. (More on page 44) and get the recipe for her delicious Cinnamon Swirl Sour Cream Coffee Cake. What I have learnt from my experience in publishing this Mags Magazine - Live Your Future Now, is that when you do the thing you are afraid of,  you begin to feel much more settled and you get rid of the fear. I have also learnt that you don't have to do it all at once.  Take baby steps and do one thing each day that will move you closer to living your passion. Get your free live your future now calendar here. This calendar will help you keep track of each day that you do something which moves  you closer to your passion. Get your copy of Mags Magazine here. Mags Magazine is easy to read and will provide you with the inspiration and  motivation you need to tune in and step up to live your passions. Love, Magdalene"

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