Are you one of those who are dying from work place stress?


If you have not yet met my friend Lisa, here is your opportunity to listen to her very important message about the sad realities of our work places. Stress? How is it killing you?  How is your leadership team treating you?  How can leaders light a fire in the hearts of employees rather than putting pressure on them to perform? 

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Lisa Anna Palmer 

I have known Lisa Anna Palma for several years now and I do call her one of the beautiful earth angels in my life. She has been a sponsor and a strong supporter of Mags Magazine and for that matter, she has already purchased her spot in our next issue, LEGACY where she provides some amazing insights in working from the heart space. 

,Lisa genuinely cares about people.  Her message is to bring hope and make workplaces better so that all of us can live healthier and happier lives. I am looking forward to reading her upcoming book, Light A Fire In Their Hearts, because I know that she will move workplaces to becoming better places for all of us. 

""I believe an important part of the solution for making the world a better workplace for current and future generations is to help high performers transform into great people leaders early on in their careers.  High performers are the ones likely to get promoted up the ranks and they need support to learn how to engage with their employees by connecting at the human level rather than be taught to play games.""  Lisa 

Don't leave your leadership to chance.

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