Are you so busy trying to fix life, that your own life is slipping away from you?



 After many years of trying to fix myself and people and things around me, I have come to realize that this ""fixing"" business is just a lot of crap.  We are somehow conditioned to believe that something is wrong with us or someone else and we need ""something"" to fix us.  My perspective now, is that in the grand scheme of things, the only person you have responsibility for is yourself and your soul knows all the answers to the things you want to fix. What we do need, is the courage to act on what we feel. Somehow, most of us are buried in the clutter of other people's ideas or ideals and we are held hostage by things which have nothing to do with our authentic self.  Who are you?  What does your authentic self say to you? Whatever you decide to do or to be - it will be just that... and you will draw to yourself, similar energies and people who are simply in alignment with you and match with your emotional vibration. When  you are in alignment, there is no need to fix anything or anyone... life simply flows. That means you FEEL that you are in the right job. You FEEL that you are in the right relationship. You MOVE when you FEEL you are in the wrong place with the wrong person. You don't apologize for being true to yourself because YOU know that what feels right for you. You FEEL that you are longer struggling to be more, to have more or to do more.  Whatever you have to do FLOWS with you. You FEEL an inner contentment that sits quietly inside of you. Just for a moment,  try not to fix anything, anyone, any problem or any system. In this moment, you will find peace regardless of whatever is confronting you. Keep on multiplying this moment over and over again... and you will realize that you can live a greater, more magnificent life by not needing or wanting to fix yourself or anyone. BE PRESENT. FOCUS ON YOUR BREATH. BREATHE IN AND OUT. FEEL GRATITUDE FLOWING THROUGH YOUR BODY. Just keep on repeating, “thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you...."" I give thanks now  for what I have considered to be flaws and weaknesses because these are actually assets when aligned with the right people and circumstances. I enjoy more moments of simply being fine wherever I am because I know for a fact that something in my thoughts took me to that place.  If I am not happy with where I am, I know now, that I need to change a thought pattern to get me more where I want to be. If you can't compose a peaceful inner can you fix anything or anyone? Your vibration of peacefulness will attract more peace... then you won't need to fix anything.... You will find that inner space to be true to yourself. All else will fall in place. TuneIn and StepUp to simply being the best of who you are.  Life will align with you. Guess what - YOU are perfectly fine, perfectly made... and you are right where your thoughts have led you. Love, Magdalene"

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