“I love your height, your smile, your style.” He says... hummm, what does he want???

" I was shopping at a department store last Saturday, minding my business when suddenly a man steps in line with me. “I love your height, your smile, your style.” He says it very light but there is also a seductive tone.  He is tall, cute and has a playful energy around him. “Oh… thank you.” I said, thinking that the conversation is over. But he keeps on walking with me. “Just look at you… You are wonderful.  You make colours look nice on you. … You are warm… you have such a good energy about you.”  He is actually quite dramatic using his hands to showcase me as this beauty he has just found.  His eyes light up and the expression on his face is all light and priceless. “Thank you,” I said, blushing a bit because it is not a usual thing for a person to be so open like that. It seems now that we are shopping together as he is walking right next to me with his hand on my cart! “I am an architect” he said. “I love beautiful buildings and love art. You are a work of art.” I blushed some more.  Gosh, I think to myself. How do I get rid of this man now! “Thank you.”  I said.  “Now, what can I do for you?” I said with a smile on my face, now mischievously pushing the boundaries. Being a writer too and since starting this blogging journey, I am always curious to know more about what makes people tick. This is not a typical conversation in Canada with a Canadian man.  In my experience, Canadians are very conservative, very careful in how they approach people. I am a female, coloured person. He is a white male. We are perhaps in the same age group.  If I were in the Caribbean and approached like this (the language would be a bit more colourful), I would completely understand.  The way our men approach our women, most of the time, is pretty upfront and direct, filled with what I call ""sweet-talk"". “Nothing” he said. “I just needed to express all of this to you because I may never get a chance to do it again. Sometimes you have to say what you feel.” “You are quite direct.” I said. “Why bullshit around?” he replied. “What should I do?  Wait for three months to tell you? A year? Six years?  Who knows, I may never get the chance again!” “Thank you.”  I said.  “I truly appreciate your sentiments.” “Would love to have coffee with you sometime.” He said. “If you are looking for a relationship, I am not available.” I said. “It would be useless leading you on.” “I appreciate you telling me this.” He replied. “You very bold. You do say what you have to say.”  I said. ""It is not a usual thing."" We spent a few minutes speaking about his life, his career, his family and his general sense of what he felt about life.  He sounds like a very sound minded man – looking at the conversation above, it sounds a bit out of context – that he is kind of hitting on me (and he may be too!). His experiences have taught him to listen to his intuition and feel what is around him. His losses of dear ones in his life have taught him to embrace the moment and live right in the moment.  It is always such a pleasure for me to have a deeper conversation with people... I continue to be amazed at people's life experiences and what causes them to respond the life the way they do. “Why did you pick me today?” I asked him. “There are so many people in this store… did you go to anyone else to say those things?” He laughed.  “Women!” he said.  “No, I said this to you because I truly felt it from my heart. “I watched you walk into the store and your energy hit me... the way you walk, your height, your smile, your style… Just look around you.  Do you see anyone else looking like you here?” “Everyone is different.” I said.  We all have different energies.” “Exactly the point.” He said. “You vibrate at an energy that I can relate it. That is why I could not help but come to you directly.” We both laughed because at an energy level, we understood each other. He must be reading the same books I read and practice all the intuitive, meditative things that I practice. We were actually even using similar expressions.  We were probably souls from a previous lifetime. Who knows?  We bid each other farewell but we both left a smile on each other’s faces. In a previous blog, I asked the question, “How much time do you need to know someone?” http://tuneinandstepup2013.wordpress.com/2013/09/06/how-do-you-really-know-that-this-is-the-right-person-as-a-partner-or-employee-or-friend-time-evidence-soul-intuition/ This situation is another perfect example of what happens when two people’s energy aligns at a soul level.  Trying to explain how you feel, why you feel the way you feel and having to support it with all kinds of physical, logical explanation seems more and more strange to me as I experience more and more of those encounters that are so light and refreshing.  It is again, another example of how my own internal world is reflecting my outer world... this is happening just when I am seriously asking those questions. Thinking more at a lower energy  level, one might question it and say that this is all just a man trying to get to a woman.  Now, I can differentiate between hitting on a person and feeling that energy alignment(sometimes both happen!) because with me, it does not happen just with men.  The people I meet – men, women, children…. I connect more at that soul level.   Last Sunday, I had a similar experience in church with a baby about 2 years old.  In an hour, without any words, this little child and I expressed so much light, love and affection for each other (a total stranger) that it was simply amazing!  Even the parents could not believe the dynamics that happened between us. I felt completely mesmerized by this baby and can still feel the power of that eye connection we shared. I believe that more and more, we will all be tuning in to what we feel and we will all be experiencing greater safety in being able to express what we feel more openly.  Because our energy will become aligned more to light and love, people will be less inclined to take advantage of each other and use each other for the wrong reasons.  We will be able to meet people who our soul simply recognise and feel that we just love them without needed to give them an explanation.  This is when love, is just love at its highest and purest form.  Those who are not in alignment with our own soul energy will simply not be attracted to us. TuneIn today to what you truly feel with your heart. StepUp to express it.  You don’t need to expect an outcome or a result.  Just simply say what you feel… the rest will fall into place. Each time we express from our hearts, life becomes lighter! Love, Magdalene"

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