Breaking News - Are You Getting Out Of Here Alive?


My breaking news to you this morning... none of us are leaving this earth alive ‚Äì now or a day later or 50 years later.  The coronavirus is creating havoc but also creating opportunities for us to examine what is important in our lives. Our forefathers were called to fight wars for the freedoms which we have today and in the process, many lost their lives, some became amputates and many of them learnt to live with traumatic memories.  Some returned to their loved ones in a different state than when they left. After WW11, women who had been traditional housewives become empowered to become nurses and to serve their countries in a variety of roles which the new frontier provided. Through the turmoil of wars, new opportunities were created and proved that we are more capable than we think we are. Each wave of crisis helps us to expand ourselves and the global village which we inhabitants of.

I know for certain that none of us are getting out of here alive so let us stop complaining and whining about irrelevant stuff which is not helping anyone in the creating a safe and stable situation while we are still here. There are new rules and systems to follow. We are starting a NEW NORMAL and it is important for us to be excellent followers during this crisis.  Our ability to practice self-leadership becomes critical because each decision we make and each action we take can have beneficial or detrimental effects on someone else.

As we navigate through times which we were not prepared for, here are a few things which we can think about as we sit on our couch (which is what we are being asked to do!). Do your best to enjoy your numbered days left.

It is time to read the books which you have been putting off?

It is time to start Spring cleaning? 

Can you learn some new skills to step into a new position when this is all over?

Who do you need to reach out to?

What new hobbies can you start? yoga? sewing? writing? meditation?

Is now the opportunity to organize your assets and financial affairs?

Look out for more information from MagsMagazine as we organize online events and speakers over the next few weeks to help us take action to live our dreams and manage this situation while we are still here.

Remember that all the physical stuff we own will stay behind.  What we move forward with are the lessons and journeys of our soul; the good and bad which we created in this world... You have the power to choose the legacy which you want to live behind!   Make it a great one!

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