Buying THAT Christmas tree...more soul courage to do what brings joy!

"My daughter and I put up our Christmas tree this evening. I recall the day that we bought THAT tree. It was 9 years ago, when she was 7 and her brother was 9. It was their first Christmas in Canada and they longed for a Christmas tree with lights and decorations. Back then, money was tight – I had only $200, which had to last about 4 weeks. A Christmas tree was not a priority! As we walked through the stores one evening, they both fell in love with a tall artificial Christmas tree and excitedly picked the decorations and lights without asking whether or not we could afford it. My heart filled with joy watching their excitement but I was also full of sadness knowing that we did not have enough money for this extravagance. Yet, the glow of joy of their faces as they breathlessly spoke about how the tree would look in our little apartment, made me take a leap of faith and I bought the tree, decorations, lights and all. The bill came to $150.00. The children gleefully carried the boxes on the bus and happily put it up when we got home. I can still hear the happiness in their voices as their little hands and minds worked together to decorate and light the tree.That entire holiday season, the Christmas tree and lights were the highlight of our evening together as we sat around the tree reading stories, playing games and listening to Christmas carols. Each year when we put up that same tree, it reminds me that we need to live in the present moment and to take small leaps of faith when something matters enough to create real joy or make a difference in someone’s life. Sometimes we worry so much about the future that we forget to enjoy the present moment and neglect what truly matters. I almost denied those two innocent kids the pleasure of having that tree because I was so worried about not having enough money for the future. Yet, here we are 9 years later - life has graciously provided all that we need and more. We don’t have to do great deeds to be great people. Every small act of kindness, generosity and love expands our souls and create seeds of greatness in our lives and the lives we touch. TuneIn during this holiday season and pay attention to what will bring joy to others. StepUp - take a small leap of faith and do something that truly matters. Would you like to share a special Christmas moment with us? Cheers to a wonderful holiday season! Love, Magdalene "

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