Can a simple gesture of praying or holding others in good intention be beneficial?

""I have wanted to talk to you for a long time."" she said to me. She was much older than me and we found ourselves sitting together at a table during a church celebration. The intensity in her voice made me ask ""Why?"" ""You know, I have prayed for you for years. I have seen you coming to church with your family and had the desire to just pray for you."" As she continued relating her sentiments of so much love towards me and my family, my eyes started swelling with tears. Here was a total stranger who kept me in her prayers for years and we had never spoken to each other. A couple of days later, I attended a small healing service with her which was very soothing. We all placed our names in a basket and at the end of the service, each participant picked someone else's name. Our task was to pray for this person. I picked the name of a stranger named Joseph and someone else picked my name. Each morning as I say my prayers, I also say a prayer for Joseph and wish abundance and all good blessings on him and his family. This small experience made me think of how we can hold each other in good intentions, even when we don't see each other. Good thoughts, prayers, good intentions, positive affirmations of each other can only be beneficial both to the giver as well as the receiver. Earlier this year when I celebrated my birthday, I felt blessed by each person who sent birthday wishes. Their kind thoughts and gesture touched my heart and I found myself praying for each one. When we write or say to someone ""happy birthday.. I wish you lots of love, joy, abundance etc.."" this is holding a good intention for the receiver and I felt blessed receiving all these blessings. This small gesture demonstrates kindness and should not be taken for granted. Sometimes we think we need to give money, possessions, gifts and other items... which are important but maybe just a simple blessing/prayer is all that is needed. When we hold good intentions for others - be it our family, friends, clients, business partners, investors, supervisors, employees - we build a good grounds for relationships to grow and be rewarding. We become kinder, more compassionate, more creative, more open , more loving, more welcoming, more abundant... all of life becomes fuller and richer. The universe, in it's great wisdom will also give back to us all that we sow onto others - so just imagine if we just kept on sowing kindness, how much we would also benefit. This week, TuneIn to your loved ones and even strangers. StepUp and say a prayer, send a good wish... hold someone else in good and loving intention and see the magic that also begins to happen around you! Love, Magdalene"

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