Can one word do damage to your life?

" I have been hurt by words and I am sure you have been too. I have been healed by words and I am sure you have been too. Words, I have learnt can make us or break us. They leave in our minds, heart or soul an emotion that triggers something beautiful or something not pleasant. Words actually shape our inner beliefs about ourselves which makes us act in pleasant or unpleasant ways. Words help to form our vision of who we are and we can use words to help others form a vision for their lives as well! I was about 10 years old when an old man heard me speak English to a storekeeper in St.Lucia. He was a drunkard but he listened to me and said ""My child, you speak such good English, You will do well in school and one day you will be someone important in this society. You will excel in school!"" It is interesting how I have never forgotten that little encounter and I smile each time I feel that I do something important. In a way, I felt his words gave me a blessing and even though he was drunk, the spoken word was powerful to my young mind. I recently spoke to a beautiful woman who laughed when I told her she was beautiful. She said ""You don't really mean it.. I am not beautiful!"" ""But you are!"" I said. In my eyes she is one of the most beautiful women I have met with a big heart of generosity and love. She told me she was called ""Ugly"" when she was a child. She grew up to believe that she was ugly even when she became a grown, beautiful woman and had children of her own. She does not look at herself in a mirror. I felt saddened that she had gone through so many years without feeling beautiful because of one word which was thrown at her so many years back. That one word affected her self-esteem, her marriage, her relationships... that one word made her feel unworthy. It is hard to even believe the impact that one word can have on a person's life. Let us try to use words which uplift others. Let us use words to describe ourselves in a positive way. Whatever someone has said in the past does not define you and make you. TuneIn to define yourself. StepUp to live up to your positive definition of yourself and use positive words to talk to and about others too! It does not have to be like this from now on because we have the ability to change it around. My colleague Andy sent his video to me recently. I loved it! The message is so powerful and so beautifully put together. Enjoy!!! "

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