Can wearing a red bag boost your confidence?

" About a year ago, my wonderful team gave a red bag for my birthday.¬† It is a beautiful bag designed by Ivanka¬†Trump, with a little touch of gold.¬† I remember feeling quite¬†stunned when I received it¬† because for the most part, I am not quite a flashy person with bags and shoes and wondered where on earth I would be able to go with it. ¬†You may be¬†surprised that I have very few bags and shoes - I usually have 2 pairs at a time which are brown or black.¬† It feels almost embarrassing writing thing down! (2 shoes... hummm!) Last year I wore the bag a few times but did not feel much like a fashionista simply because I did not have the confidence to carry it gracefully. ¬†I¬†probably did not do much justice to the way I carried the bag either. A few days ago, I picked up the bag¬†and it¬†has brought a new spirit in¬†me. I love¬†wearing it!! It is bright and adds¬† a wonderful lift to my outfits and¬†has increased my confidence.¬† I feel that I am modeling the bag each time I wear it.¬† Not only that, but within a week many people have complimented me on the bag! It is amazing how we can have the best products and yet they can remain almost invisible when our spirits are not in alignment.¬† The minute we step into alignment with¬†ourselves and own what we wear,¬†what was almost invisible, ¬†suddenly become very vibrant and alive. What do you have that can become more visible by simply embracing and owning it? What do you think of my red bag? Love, Magdalene  "

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