Come on... do you really need to win the lottery to .....???

" I had a teasing conversation with a friend over the weekend as he told me about all the things he would do if he won the lottery like helping all the poor kids in Africa, going to various part of the world to support people - a lot of his dreams were around eradicating poverty and living a simple life.  I playfully posed the question which another soul friend asked me about a year ago when I too said that I was waiting to win the lottery to do these great things in the world. Question:  ""Do you think you can do these things only if you won the lottery?"" As we delved deeper into the conversation, I shared with him that I had taken on a personal stand in my life, that I no longer felt I needed to change things in great magnitudes but I would do what I could do for others  on this planet in whatever ways I could - supporting one person/idea at a time. Since I made that decision, my life and thoughts have actually become simpler in making decisions. When I look back through my life journey, sometimes I don't even know how I have managed to do some of the things I have done without having an upfront load of money.  If I had waited for the lottery - I would still be waiting and those great things would have never been accomplished and what a tragedy that would be for my growth and my soul. What I have learnt is to pay attention to things around me; feel with my heart and soul what need to be done; use my mind to think through how it can be done and ask for universal guidance to help me get it done. I pray that whatever I want to do will work for the highest good of all concerned.  This formula has never failed.  As soon as an idea hits my mind/heart or soul and I get really connected to it - magic begins to happen effortlessly and I find myself suddenly aligned with all the right people and circumstances to make things happen. Let us look at this a bit further.  Why do we say ""If we win the lottery, we will do xxxx?""
  • Are we using this as an excuse NOT to be conscious of what WE CAN do?
  • Do we base our worth on the amount of money we have?
  • Do we feel less worthy to contribute because we don't have enough money?
What if you were to believe that YOU are ENOUGH and WORTHY just as you are to contribute to life and this earth planet? What if all you needed to do was ask for guidance about what your soul mission was and ask for support from the universe to help you fulfill that mission? What if you believed that you already have ALL the creative, intellectual,  emotional, physical and spiritual capacity to do what you are called to do? Think about all the people whom people like Mother Theresa helped - she never won the lottery.  Think of all the people who volunteer for all kinds of foundations/activities in advocating for human rights, equality, education, sports, support of major illnesses, children, the elderly etc.  Much of what they contribute towards have been part of a deeper calling or an alignment with someone else's vision. What can YOU do in your own little corner of the world to make a positive difference to our great planet.
  • A little more kindness?
  • A monthly contribution to a person less fortunate than yourself?
  • Feed a hungry person?
  • Have a conversation with a lonely person?
  • Contribute towards a child's education?
  • Hug a person who needs comfort?
  • Visit the sick?
  • Pay a bill for someone who is struggling?
  • Donate clothes to those who have less?
  • Open your heart to really listening to someone else?
  • Take someone out for lunch?
  • Write a beautiful letter to someone who has blessed your life?
  • Get a team of people to support a worthy cause?
  • Share your expertise? Volunteer?
  • Send someone a bouquet of fresh flowers?
  • Go for a walk with a friend?¬† Start a walking club? A soccer club?¬† A book club?
Yesterday, I was having lunch with my boss in a small Eritrean Restaurant, The Red Sea Café,  in Ottawa. As we chatted with the owners of the restaurant, we realized that they were great cooks (the food is awesome) but have not been able to generate much business because not many people know about them. Suddenly, I had the vision to support these women and to invite a group of sixteen people (full house)  to the restaurant to meet with them, have a great Eritrean dinner/experience and just meet other people to support this new business.  The two owners loved the idea, my boss fully supported it and within half an hour, we had a full plan of how we were going to execute it.  We left  huge smiles of the faces of these two women!  See - we did not need to win the lottery to create this opportunity :) The date for this dinner is Thursday September 26th from 5:30 - 7:30p.m, 83 Holland Avenue, Ottawa.  It will be a great dinner with great company.  If you think you would like to sprinkle some magic on this new business and contribute towards the success of these two great women who are making a difference in their community, please contact me at to reserve your spot.  We can only accommodate 16 people. TuneIn to what you need for your life today. Don't limit it to thinking that you need to win the lottery to make it happen.  Start creating a bigger vision for yourself and StepUp  to creating the life you want to live. By the way - don't forget to buy your lottery ticket either :) Love, Magdalene -"

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