Congratulations to Mayank Sharma and the Asian Leadership Network, TD Canada for winning "Business Award"...

"Mayank Sharma and the Asian Leadership Network (ALN),  an affinity group of TD-MBNA Canada, was the recipient of the Business Award from the Immigrant Women Services Ottawa as part of their 25th Anniversary Celebrations on March 6th, 2014.  IWSO awarded several other people with awards for  outstanding community service which has a positive impact on the lives of women. (Mayank, centre, with his colleagues Chris and Kevin) Mayank is an internationally trained professional from India who migrated to Ottawa in 2003, when he first made contact with World Skills. He accessed several of World Skills  pre-employment services such as resume writing and interview coaching and secured a job with TD Canada, as a customer representative.  His career accelerated quite rapidly - today he is a Business Integration Process Consultant/Analyst. As soon as he got established in his career, he returned to World Skills in 2010  to explore how he could give back to the organization which helped him get started.  By that time, he was chair of the Asian Leadership Network and worked collaboratively  World Skills to develop a Corporate Mentorship Program which was piloted in 201o and has run since then at TD Canada.  He is passionate about supporting newcomers in economic  integration. Over the last four years, through the TD-World Skills Mentorship Program we have been able to address several of the barriers which newcomers face and have achieved the following: 
  • a guide for mentorship, which¬† is a model to develop more corporate mentorship programs
  • 31 internationally trained individuals¬†have benefited directly from being mentees to this program and 60% of them have been able to secure employment through the expanded networks and resume and interview coaching
  • 120 additional newcomers have benefited from training provided by the staff of TD for resume writing and interview techniques.
  • 70 TD staff are engaged¬†as¬†mentors, interview coaches and supports for newcomers, including supporting newcomers at a resume clinic at World Skills every Wednesday afternoon.
  • support for other initiatives such as the¬†‚ÄúAlternative Career Event‚Äù which is an annual event¬†hosted by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Hire Immigrants Ottawa and World Skills, to support internationally¬†trained¬†individuals to¬†explore alternative careers in Canada
(Staff from World Skills attending the IWSO gala to cheer Mayank and ALN. From left to right Fouzia, Gemma, Atoosa, Magdalene and Lali) In addition to working directly with World Skills, ALN also  supports  another bridge training program for accounting and IT professionals at In-Tac, another Immigrant Serving organization in Ottawa. Over the last two years, ALN has also generously provided 10 hampers valued at over $300 to 10 new Canadian families at Christmas time. They have initiated and participated in various activities in the community to do spring cleanup, planting trees, various cultural events to raise awareness of different cultures and leadership seminars to assist our members (who are mostly new immigrants to Canada and working for TD) (With Lucya Spencer, centre, the  Executive Director of IWSO; Mengis Tesegaye, Executive Director at World Skills, 2nd from the right, and World Skills and TD staff) Mayank is  also a member of the Indo Canadian Chamber of Commerce and have been part of forum’s to assist people who are looking to do business with people from different backgrounds (specially India). Overall, his objective is to assist people in the community who are looking for help and to develop them as leaders in the community. Newcomers to Canada  face several challenges in economic integration, mainly  lack of professional networks and access to employment.  As the Director of Employer Engagement with World Skills, I am working diligently to create partnerships with employers to support newcomer integration.  We are looking to expand the Corporate Mentorship Programs and create greater opportunities for newcomers to network with professionals in their fields. If you are a newcomer to Ottawa and need help in accessing employment, please contact our office at 613 2330453 x 0. If you are an employer who is looking to hire, do contact  us because we have a pool of highly qualified internationally trained professionals  who are looking to add value to your organization/company. If you are a professional, we also have opportunities for you to network and support our internationally trained individuals. Do contact me: TuneIn to the needs of people who are internationally trained and who can bring unique, global perspectives to add to your business. StepUp and make a difference in creating positive changes to the lives of those around you. Love, Magdalene"

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