Could this be your million dollar gift every night?

"Do you feel that you are always busy with very little time to care for yourself or your partner or even your children for that matter? Last week, I had some moments when I could hear my spirit whispering  to me, ""Magdalene, you have to stop and take care of yourself.  Your Spirit is feeling tired and if you continue like this, your Spirit won't be able to help you take care of your body.  Your Spirit does not feel welcomed in a tired body."" The message repeated itself to my inner vortex several times. I took heed.  Thankfully, I have a partner who also understands the need for self-care and enjoys self-care activities too!  We did a few self-care things on the weekend like going to the gym, swimming in the pool, going to a movie and to the Ottawa Travel and Vacation Show and the best part of it all, was a foot massage before going to bed.
Walking through the City of Ottawa.  Our Spirits welcome movement. We both felt amazing in the cool spring-winter air and soaked the little bit of sunshine that came our way.
At the Ottawa Travel and Vacation Show.  Being in this space, inspired new dreams.  Our Spirits are so welcoming of our new dreams.  We need to put ourselves in inspiring environments.
I have always enjoyed getting my feet massaged and I equally like doing it for others as well.¬† When my kids we younger, I would massage their feet as they watched television or were lying quietly next to me.¬† The foot massage would somehow put them to sleep and I will always remember that peaceful look that would come over their faces as they drifted off to sleep. Last night, the deal was that we would massage each others feet for ten minutes while listening to an inspirational video. The results - my body relaxed.¬† My feet felt light and my Spirit was whispering, ""Thank you, thank you, thank you... this feels so good."" It was like giving me a million dollar gift and I believe that he too felt that he received the same! We had a great night sleep. It is interesting how life keeps us¬†busy and gets us so tired that we struggle to find time to nourish our spirits or our bodies. ¬†Yet, we could perhaps achieve more and do greater things with a nourished spirit and a well cared for body. Did you know that a foot massage could improve blood circulation, improve sex life, reduce depression, lower cholesterol, alleviate symptoms of PMS... there are lots of benefits to a foot massage. Try it with your partner and see what happens. Look out for other tips to welcome your spirit! Love, Magdalene      "

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