Did this really happen?

"""You are too confident."" She told me when I asked for feedback about my interview. ""What?"" I replied feeling quite confused.¬† ""I thought that being confident was a good thing."" ""You were TOOO confident."" she said looking at me through disciplinary eyes. I left her office feeling quite devastated because I did not get the job which I was looking forward to.¬† I had done all the right things for the interview. This was 12 years ago!¬† Looking back, I am glad that I did not get that job because it was an obvious wrong fit for my personality. As I reflect on the interview, I think that I knew that I would not get the job even before we started the interview.¬† There was an energy exchange even before words were spoken and I FELT     Did I really do this? Threw a pan of water at him? Give her a hug? Did I just have an anxiety attack because I could not find my son? We react positively or negatively to things all day long but we don't always have the time to figure out the root causes of our reaction. What do you do with¬†the information that you receive all day long?¬† The manager who 'deals' with you, the FB messages you read, the body language of the girl who is in love with you but you know can't have you, the terrible news of child trafficking, the news of death and beheadings in countries you don't know about, the dishonestly of people we trust wholeheartedly, a glimpse of what you could have become if only you had made a different choice, the life lessons from someone else's book, the advise from those close to you.... it is a hell of a lot of stuff to tune in to! How do we filter it all out and decide what to feed our mind, spirit and soul with?¬†It is important¬†for us to guard our¬†environment since we do have control over our spaceimportant and we do have a certain amount of control over what we allow into our space.¬† If you don't have control over the space, it is important to find a way to mentally filter whatever that is coming at you.¬† Everything and everyone sends an energy wave towards us and sometimes we embrace that energy without even realizing it.¬† It remains stored in our mental and emotional body until something triggers it and then our reaction to¬†¬† This emotion, if not managed, can eventually turn you into something you were never meant to be.¬† It happens quietly overtime.... and then one day, you may find yourself asking: ""what happened to my life?"" ""how did I end up in this situation?""¬† If you look back, you will realize that there are many small dots that connect.... and it is all about our emotional energy which translates into physical positive or negative vibes.¬† Be well.¬† Protect yourself.¬† Trust your vibes."

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