Do you bless or impress others? The results look almost the same but one leaves you feeling empty....

" There is a very fine line between blessing others and impressing others. Sometimes the outer results look the same! When we bless someone, the focus is on what the other person receives from our presence, our message, our gifts, our words, our actions or our thoughts. Earlier this year, a friend and her husband blessed me with a beautiful gift to attend a five-day conference - something which I had mentioned to both of them in a conversation, about six months earlier,  that I had a wish to attend. It is a wish list kind of idea! She came to me one day and said ""Magdalene, I want to bless you today.  My husband and I would like to pay for you to attend the conference."" I was shocked at first and then started giving her reasons for not being able to accept her generosity.  She listened and said ""We both decided and our spirits are guiding us to do this.  We want to bless you."" I could not convince them otherwise.  They were not trying to impress me - to show me that they had the money to do it. They had actually carefully thought about it and made some sacrifices to allow me that opportunity and I will be always grateful because that five-day conference  was a life changing experience for me.  I felt that God had somehow infused their spirit to make it all happen, and in turn, I have used that knowledge I learnt to bless others. Isn't it amazing what happens when we can keep the circle of blessings going?  Their own lives have continued to become richer, not poorer. In the competitive world we live in now, we are taught to impress others, not necessarily to bless others. We impress others with our looks, our money, our grades, our achievements, presents, etc. This happens to most of us without even realizing that this is what we are doing. It is interesting that the eventual outcome almost looks the same except that when you bless another, there is a an open heart with a soul giving and when you work only to impress, the heart remains closed and there is no soul giving.  When you work at impressing, it is all about you. It is the lack of an open heart, to give to another freely,  which leaves that feeling of emptiness within us. It is what I call ""measured love"". We think very carefully on the returns of our investment and if we don't see any returns, we don't invest in the other person. People who bless others from a place of good intention, feel an inward joy and happiness which creates a light energy around them.  They become magnetic.  They create beautiful relationships. There is no expectation for anything in return. If you take a moment to just think about it... it literally takes only a moment to create an amazing shift within you.
  • Next time you dress to go out, don't think of who you are trying to impress.¬† Dress beautifully because you feel good and that your presence and your look will automatically draw others to you¬†because your dressing is coming from a soul place.
  • Next time you go for a job interview, seriously consider how you will be a blessing to this potential employer. Feel it from within your heart - don't merely write statements on your r√©sum√©¬†only to impress the potential employer. If it is truly authentic to you, it will come through.¬† If you are employed, go to work each day and ask yourself ""How can I bless this place?""¬† You will be surprised to see how your eyes will see things differently.
  • ¬†Next time to go on a date or out with your friends (with your current partner or potential partner) stop thinking about yourself and how important you are). Pay attention to the other person and bless them with your company and your spirit.¬† See it as an honour to share and be together.
TuneIn today to see all the ways that the universe and others bless you.  Some of us wake up to good health, beauty, sunshine, love... truly we have not done anything to deserve it... but we have been blessed with all those good things! StepUp to reciprocate a small piece of that blessing to someone else. I think that if you are actually reading this blog, you are most likely someone who is already blessing others! Love, Magdalene"

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