Do you feel that you have lost your spirt? How do you feed your spirt?

" It is not hard to lose the essence of who we are.  It is not hard to lose our souls.  Our lives sometimes feel so busy that we don't have the time or energy to listen to our spirit, which is really longing for our attention to help us live our best lives. We hear it in our voices when we say or think: ""I feel lost."" ""I feel tired."" ""I am not feeling fulfilled."" ""I need a challenge."" ""I feel bored."" ""I no longer know what I am doing with this job/partner/relationship."" ""I can't stand my job any longer."" When we disconnect from our spirit, everything else begins to crash around us.  When we tune in to those feelings - it is a signal for us to get back on track and honour that essence which sustains us. For many years, I struggled trying to understand how to be quiet and meditate.   When I tried to sit quietly, my mind seemed to drift to my multitude of challenges. But I never gave up.  In my quest to quieten my mind, I have read lots of books on meditation.  One of them gave me an insight which changed everything completely.  It helped me to understand that my breath is the source of all life. It is the source which feeds my spirit.  As soon as this clicked in my mind, I found that I could lie down quietly and breathe deeply peacefully and let all other things float out of my mind.  I understand how important that my breath is - it is the breath of life.  As I lie down and just simply breathe in and out deeply for 15 minutes, I give my body and spirit, the gift of acknowledging the power of that breath and that life which I have been blessed with through grace. The  oxygen which feeds the cells of my body feel delighted that I take the time to do this.  In my moments of stress, my spirit reminds me to go back to my breath - and as I tune in to breathing and acknowledging that essence of who I am, all things become peaceful again. TuneIn to your spirit today.  How do you feed it? A walk? Laughter? Charity? Breathing? Singing? Working out? Slowing down? A long bath? Listening to music? Lighting candles? Doing the thing that feels right? StepUp to feed your spirit daily.  It is so longing for you to come home to it - it is the source of our true essence. Sign up for a TuneIn and StepUp Challenge.  We are looking for participants worldwide! Love, Magdalene"

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