Do you have a mindset which will make you gasp when beauty touches your soul?

" I make it a daily practice to look for miracles, opportunities¬†and¬†the simple pleasures of life¬†that sometimes show up unexpectedly! ¬†I have a mindset to find joy in the ordinary¬†and make moments extraordinary by seeing them through¬†the eyes of my soul. ¬†Little blessings add great pleasure to my day and I often find my heart bubbling with joyful music as my senses¬†become more and more immersed in¬†its natural home of gratitude.¬† How blessed I feel at the end of every day to be¬†part of this amazing universe, the beautiful¬†souls ¬†who I meet in my daily journeys¬† and the thousands of angels that dance all around us, urging us to let go of our anxieties and love our planet unconditionally. Our lives are busy and chaotic with much to get done at the end of every day.¬† The price of not¬†meeting our obligations can be high and this¬†leads to a high level of stress. However, we can claim a lifestyle of less anxiety by¬†consciously shifting our MINDS and EYES to see the beauty around us, through our souls. Have you ever found yourself gasping because something is¬†so beautiful, so inspiring, so dynamic, so alive, so fun, so exhilarating, so ""WOW!"" The quickest way to expand our souls is to find beauty that speaks to our soul frequently. Here are a few things which have brought delight to the eyes of my soul. Look at this flower below... isn't it just perfect!¬† I couldn't take my eyes off it.¬† Every single petal looks perfectly placed. Nature is so divine! How more beautiful life could be if we can all embrace that divine perfection in all things around us! On my way¬†to the office yesterday, I¬†¬†found¬†GRAPES!!!! They were growing over the house of the owner of a sandwich deli and I was completely blown away that right in the middle of Ottawa, I found grapes! To stumble upon such treasures lifts my spirit a hundredfold... I skipped all the way back to work! On a hot summer day, a cold, cold, cold beer is so delightful!¬† I completely enjoyed this Mills Street Organic beer in the Ottawa Market. Don't rush home after work... take a few minutes to enjoy sitting on a patio somewhere and just soak in the sun and enjoy the buzz of people around you! A good pizza is still a classic for a fun party!¬† This one was delicious with the beer :) Look at this rack of bikes... what a great idea to make bikes available us to ride around the city! Just hopping on one in the middle of the day can re-energize you completely! A field of black eye Suzans right across from my workplace! Doesn't this tree hold hundreds of stories?¬† It sits along the St. Lawrence River, Upper Canada Village and if it could talk, I can only imagine the stories that it would share of love and war. [gallery ids=""|"" type=""rectangular""] And the fun part at the end of a day was just hugging the little bear at Sugar Mountain! Tune in today to small things that bring pleasure to your MIND and/or your EYES! Step up to indulge in something that makes your heart beat a little bit faster today and that which will expand your soul. Love, Magdalene You can support my writing journey by getting your copy of Mags Magazine today.  "

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