Do you need to be strong or do you need someone to comfort you?

" Have you ever been through an emotional upheaval and someone tells you: ""Just be strong.¬† Everything will be fine.""?¬†The statement is positive and affirming and but your tears just won't stop because the pain is so deep that you can't even find your voice to express it. Sometimes,¬†we tell people to be strong but perhaps it is not what they need in the moment.¬†We cry because out hearts can no longer bear the pain that that we feel. We break down because we cannot cope with the reality of our lives. We choose to retreat to isolation because we have been hurt by those who loved us or those we loved. We act out because we are troubled and can't figure out all of the pieces to function normally. Telling each other to be strong should be comforting but it does not remove the emotional pain which we feel. Sometimes, it may be more helpful to just listen, hold someone a little tighter, let them know that you love them unconditionally, have a cup of tea with them, look at them in the eye, hold their hand and hold no judgement of them. Providing emotional support for others is sometimes the difference between life and death. ¬†It is being there for someone, in a way which truly makes that person feel listened to and understood... the energy which the stronger person gives to the distraught person,¬†can raise the vibration to give comfort and hope.¬† This must be done with the purest intention for the good of all concerned. Live your future now.¬† Tune in to the needs of those who are reaching out to you.¬† YOU may¬† be their miracle. Love, Magdalene  "

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