Does your comfortable sadness almost feel like happiness?

" Jelan and I have been driving together the last couple of days. It is really a pleasure to drive him to college and to have those extra moments to have¬†some deep conversations about life.¬†This morning, we¬†talked¬† a little about how we 'see' life from our various perspectives, drawing specific reference to the vision which a giraffe has of¬†the world¬†is different when compared to a turtle.¬†Our conclusion was that a person's vision is unique to them - they can only see¬†as far as their unique level. The conversation expanded to our general disposition in life and how we perceive others and how others may also perceive us.¬† He said something which left quite an impact on my mind: ""Comfortable sadness can almost feel like happiness."" How profound. How true. It made me realize that sometimes we hold on to sadness because it is comfortable.¬† We perhaps don't know what it is like to be happy or may have even decided that we don't deserve to be happy.¬† Sometimes,¬†we repeat our unhappy stories until we make them become 'how' our lives should be.¬† Even when opportunities to be happy are begging us to join in the vibrancy of happiness, it is more comfortable to remain in our sadness.¬† Sadness can even become a way of life and eventually define our personalities, our lives and even the relationships¬†which we share with others. On the other hand, maybe what we perceive as sadness, may not be sadness at all! What are your thoughts? I believe that each time¬†the universe feels our happiness, there is a global shift in human consciousness towards greater love, compassion and kindness... and even with one single breath of happiness... the entire world¬†beams. I believe that sadness does the same thing... every single moment of sadness, also creates a global shift in human consciousness towards greater despair, and fear. It is o.k to be sad but don't¬†let sad moments into a lifetime of sadness. It is o.k to be happy. Multiply your happy moments over and over again. My thoughts:¬† I am happy.¬†I choose happiness as¬†my way of life. I embrace laughter, joy, fun... as much as I can... as I push beyond my boundaries... and I am so delighted with all the wonderful people, great opportunities, amazing places and beautiful moments which this world is blessing me with every day. Love, Mags      "

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