Don't allow moments of unhappiness to become a lifetime of unhappiness


I found this sign against a boutique in West Port, Ontario and I think that every word is true but also it is not always easy to live up to these words.

It is in our human nature to get upset, disgruntled and unhappy with people in our lives. Don't allow moments of disruption or unhappiness to become a lifetime of unhappiness. Five bad minutes of your day does not have to spoil your entire day. We can develop a mindsel to simply say, 'this moment will not define my day or my life.' Make up, apologize, ask for forgiveness... do whatever you need to do deposit a little drop of goodwill in the energetic field around you and move on.

Ask yourself if this moment of unhappiness is worth carrying on for the rest of your life. If you died today or tomorrow, would you have any regrets?




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