Entrepreneur - Newcomer - Hani Rached - Building a Successful Enterprise in Ottawa

"In 2005, I bought an old, 1997¬†Oldsmobile. THAT car¬†gave me more trouble in getting it fixed, than I had bargained for.¬† My savior at that time, was Hani Rached, the owner of Auto Paradise Repair 2004, who was recommended to me by a friend, who thought that Hani was the best mechanic ever!¬†¬†After meeting Hani and seeing how efficient he was with taking care of my car, I too can attest to his reliability, honestly, and flexibility¬†¬†in fixing my car.¬† It was¬†not only that the car was old, but back then, I was barely making ends meet and the financial pressure¬†of fixing the car, (which I needed),was huge.¬† Hani never turned me down and he ensured that I always had the best service. One day, he told me that it was time to let go of the old car!¬† I listened to him¬†and by that time, I was able to get a¬†brand new car.¬† However,¬†I have never let go of Hani because he is the best mechanic and¬†one of¬†the most genuine, down to earth persons I have ever met.¬† He hears from me mainly¬†when I have a car problem but over the last two years, we have started doing some fun, inspiring and creative small ventures.   Over the years, Hani has grown his business to a¬†leading edge garage which¬†provides a full, professional service to clients at a competitive price. What is very inspiring for me, is that he is a newcomer and a great role model to help other newcomers see the possibilities that they can rise to... with some focus, clear goals and determination. In 2013, Hani sponsored¬†the launch of ¬†Gems of the Caribbean in Ottawa. In 2015, he sponsored Inspiration 2016.¬† He was one of our featured guest speakers and his story of building his enterprise will be featured in the 2nd Edition of Mags Magazine - Soulful Encounters.¬† At inspiration 2016, he shared one of the most important tips that he has learnt in running his business and which I can also say that I have experienced with him. ¬†""I don‚Äôt see my customers as numbers. Every customer is important and I pay attention to their needs. It is important in our profession that we communicate effectively with our customers and that they leave our garage feeling happy and satisfied.""¬† Hani Rached.                     (Hani with his staff above.) Thank you Hani for being one of the sponsors for Mags Magazine.¬† We appreciate your business and your contribution towards Ottawa.¬† Look out for Mags Magazine - Soulful Encounters for the full story. Hani below with myself and Lisa Anna Palmer, our 2nd guest speaker for Inspiration 2015.


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