Gardening - a perfect way to live your future NOW

"I enjoy gardening - there is something sacred about watching nature unfold as a plant grows and manifests itself into beautiful flowers, fruits, vegetables or just greenery. Each year I take great pleasure in planting new flowers and I  love to see the blooms of what I planted the previous year.  Many of the plants in my garden are from my kids and my friends.  One of the things which I learnt as I started gardening in Canada is that there are annuals (plants which only survive the year which it is planted) and perennials (those that come back year after year).  I love the perennials because it is a great example of how to live your future now by making an investment in the moment but which will reap the beautiful rewards of beautiful flowers for many years to come. I feel pure joy and happiness when I see the garden in full bloom. I wait with great anticipation to see what will come out next.  Next year, I am looking forward to an even more vibrant garden because I have invested time this summer in planting some new perennials. Happy gardening!  Live your future NOW... take one small step to do something which matters... and you would like to see more of in the future. Love, Magdalene"

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